The planned Asteroid Impact

Well, this one goes with the interesting discussions about planned fake alien invasion, terrorist wars, and yes, fake asteroid impacts:

This article gives a little bit of information.

Fake Asteroid Impact Coming Soon! Then the Alien/ET Invasion

Chemtrails containing aluminum oxide and barium (and countless hideous far more toxic and destructive components) are multi-purpose in their nefarious design. One facet of our aluminum/barium hazed atmosphere is to serve as a screen for holographic projection. Some may have heard of Project Bluebeam. An invasion from Space by nasty ET’s is planned…but it will all be a hoax…a VERY believable hoax. Are you interested in understanding more fully what is underway? This clip provides yet another important piece in this milennia old, meticulously contrived satanic plot to enslave mankind.

Here is how far they have come with faking through holograms:

Imagine seeing your “savior” coming in the clouds…. or maybe an alien invasion:


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