Illuminati Card Game – Predictive Programming

If you read my last post, the video shows the predictive programming shown in the Illuminati card game.  I thought I would post images of those cards which have been out for years.

This is in Japan. Note the time is 3:11. Does that allude to March 11? Will something terrible happen in Kyoto Japan? Of coarse we can only guess.


The world is full of revolution now. America appears to be heading for a 2nd revolution, which of course is planned to bring in total government control. Why else did homeland security just buy another 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition?

Gee, BP anyone?

Recent shootings at Aurora Colorado and Sandy Hook should come to mind. “Never let a crisis go to waste” Rahm Emmanual reminded us as they can pass laws and make immense change based on contrived crisis.

Nice that they tell us what is coming



This is what is about to happen, and Albert Pike told us of the 3 world wars they have planned. The 3rd is started in the Middle East.



My people perish for lack of knowledge.  Study to show thyself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed in the great day of the Lord.  We have been told all things, and we are being tested.  We are the last generation.  The last shall be first… we are offered the first resurrection by overcoming the deception.  Will you be deceived?


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