Sandy Hook actors

Visit this site for the rest of the story. I did not want to redo their work so am just sharing it with you:

Sandy Hook Actors

Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Actors: Who is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton?

In this article I wanted to address an individual named Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her involvement in the Sandy Hook Conspiracy. First off, let me tell you that there are really wild claims out there by certain websites and YouTube videos that are nothing but wild speculation, in my opinion. For example, Robbie Parker is Tony Hawk, this is why our community sometimes looks ridiculous, and the true claims are overlooked. In all these crazy theories, we can usually find a little bit of truth.

I’ve tried to stay away from the crisis actor theory however, we do have some Sandy Hook actors involved. It seems like we are being presented with fake people, especially the ones who gave interviews in the main stream media. If I can’t prove this, or have a leg to stand on, I will not write an article about it. There is one connection that can’t be debunked, unless they are twins.

I will show you the striking similarities of these individuals. I do not believe that Mrs. Sexton is James Holmes attorney, Lisa Damiani. They look alike but that’s about it. Regarding Sandy Hook actors, there is a low budget celebrity website, starscolors, which has Jennifer Greenberg Sexton listed as an actress.


jennifer-greenberg-sexton-richard-sexton-phelps-sandy-hook aaa2 crisis actors

If you think the government would not perform false flags killing children, then listen to the facts about project Gladio:


6 comments on “Sandy Hook actors

    • So Sandy Hook is real and they won’t just let us have normal info right? I don’t think everything they say in the video is correct, but that issue does not negate the truth about the issues raised in this or other posts.

      • didnt watch the video just saw he was directly talking about my video saying it dosnt look like her..thats because he has two lawyers and Lisa Damiani & Tamara Brady and probably others…but the video was about Tamara Brady..thats why he is mistaken and thats why they do not match up..the moment i put out the video they pull out this second lay Lisa to confuse people

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