It’s Veterans owning guns they want to ban

I have written previously how negotiations work. You don’t ask or demand for what you want.  You demand an enormous amount more so when the “negotiations” begin you can start dickering about who compromises what.  Both sides know this and it’s good drama to keep the sheeple, I mean tax paying and not paying citizens busy and stressed out about rather than actually figuring out that we are being robbed blind by common thugs called “Your honor”, “Honorable”, “Senator”, “Congressman”, or “Mr. President” among other things.  Now, we see another “shooting” and now it’s involving two “ex military” one of whom was a retired navy seal!

You see, they don’t plan on us agreeing to our guns being taken away from all of us, they are just demanding that at this time.  The real goal is to label people who are seeing a psychiatric doctor, therapist, on certain psychiatric drugs, and any who have shown a mental problem such as returning military from active duty in a war zone.  You see, these are the last people our tyrants in office want to have easy access to weapons.  These men (Including much older retired veterans) know how to fight wars.  They have proven their ability to organize, face hardship, and risk their lives and honor for their country.  In this case, it’s their reacting to their country being ruined and taken over by tyrants that scares these rulers.  You see, they are planning to enact strict controls on Americans.  They are planning to turn us into a third world country with third world wages.  The idea is not to bring the third world countries up to our level of living, but to bring us down to theirs.  There will be two classes, the haves (they have money, homes, control, freedom, and security) and the have nots (otherwise called surfs who barely have enough to live month to month and no hope of a better future because there is no “America” to escape your country to now).

The goal is to demonize (out of love and concern of course) our veterans and any who might suffer from a psychiatric problem like depression.   Your children will be asked at school if mommy or daddy are ever depressed and/or do they own guns.  Doctors are already pumping your children for that information.  What if junior acts up at school and shows “anger management” issues.

You see, they will all be catagorized as “dangerous and needing our “Help” which will mean no guns allowed. That is the goal right now folks.  I can hear the talking heads on tv now, “Isn’t is reasonable to protect our most vulnerable in society from harming themselves or others as they try to re-integrate into normal society after serving their country so honorably overseas”? 

Anyone who is against this will obviously be unreasonable.  They will put some waiting limit on gun ownership / possession on all returning military so they can be evaluated.  Of course this will take only 6 months which will really be 2 years.  The ironic thing is these politicians are perfectly happy with them having guns just 24 hours prior to returning home as they were serving our country.  This isn’t about mental illness or psychotic people.  They want to disarm us group by group.  They will focus on military and mentally disturbed.  Anyone who lives with them will also have to give up their guns as well.

Don’t believe me?  The writing is on the wall:

Former Navy SEAL & ‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Reportedly Killed at TX Lodge 


Former Navy SEAL and bestselling author of the book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” Chris Kyle was killed at the Rough Creek Lodge in Texas Saturday, NBC DFW reports.

WFAA adds:

Two people were killed Saturday at a gun range in Erath County. Three sources tell News 8 that one of the victims was Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL and author of the New York Times bestselling book, “American Sniper.”

Kyle was shot point-blank while helping another soldier who is recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome, News 8 learned.

An alert was issued for the suspect, who was reportedly captured in Lancaster, south of Dallas. The suspect was believed to be highly trained with military experience.  [Emphasis added]

KXAS-TV has more:

This is what this Seal said about the gun debate:

This was said about Chris,

Jack Murphy at the Special Operations Forces Situation Report (SOFREP) wrote this moving note Saturday night:

I am saddened to have to announce the tragic loss of another one of our own.  This has been a hard year for the Special Operations community, perhaps the SEAL community most of all.

Today Chris Kyle was shot and killed at a shooting range at the Rough Creek Lodge in Texas, murdered along with a second individual.

Chris had been volunteering his time to help Marine Corps veterans suffering from PTSD and mentoring them.  Part of this process involved taking these veterans to the range where one of them snapped and killed Chris and his neighbor for reasons that remain unknown at this time.  The perpetrator then stole Chris’ vehicle in an attempt to escape but we have received word that the police have since arrested him.

It’s going to be about those vets “snapping” that we in our love and care for them must disarm them…… yea right.


18 comments on “It’s Veterans owning guns they want to ban

  1. This is a great post. Those who are awake know what’s happening. I don’t know how to help those asleep, except to keep putting the message out. This is the first time in my life I am really afraid for our country. I don’t even recognize it anymore. I don’t live in fear. My trust is in God, but I really don’t think most people know what’s coming. God Bless and Keep you.

  2. On Feb. 2, 2013 the victory of Stalingrad on its 70th anniversary was seriously celebrated here in Russia – I’m in Moscow now and have been a lot over the past 11 years – even American veterans of Viet Nam are held in high regard here – imagine being a Russian veteran!
    Marxism was the “rule of the day” in that time. Today? Superb Owl? Prior posts here?
    0311 [grunt] – L/Cpl JR. 3/9 3rd Marine Division 1968 – 69

    • thanks for your comments john, and thank you for your service to our great nation. I am not sure where you are standing on my posts about the strange “coincidences” reflected in the symbolism and NLP stuff happening in media which is meant to program us to a new way of thinking. I’d love your feedback.

      • Programmed? Heck, start with pre-kinder garden and a T.V as a baby sitter – mine went in the dumpster in 2004 because “that’s all I can stand cuz I can’t stands no more” said Popeye The Sailor Man! I know the face of war – CNN and the rest do NOT. Propaganda is its correct name.
        You are welcome for my service, and as said – once a Marine, always a Marine. I know the Oath that I took – said Oath had nothing what-so-ever to do with me being in Vietnam or the U.S being in its current miss-adventures. Direct combat is one-hell of an education [and you are correct; a .22 draws blood and that will stop 999 out of a thousand]. …
        It was here on your post [thanks to Davidgreybeard finding you from his blog] that I learned about what actually happened at Sandy Hook [I was in Moscow at the time] – was I surprised – no, not at all. Coincidences might happen once, but these things happen over and over and over again there. In my life time they got away with selling Kennedy, the fall-guy Tim McVeigh took what he knew to the grave, Noriega said he would “really talk” if he were to go on trial in the U.S., but did we hear a word – nope, and least I forget to mention 9/11; hook, line, and sinker! The beat goes on and it is in no way a “coincidence” that our Commander in Chief is not qualified for the job; thank you C.F.R. and above.
        I’ve bounced off a couple of mountain tops here to keep it short. I hope that you catch my drift – you do a fine job here and where you find the time is way beyond me!
        PS: In general, the folks here in Russia do not have “the wool pulled over their eyes.” They see America doing what it is doing, and if America believes that a “missile defense shield” will be allowed – America has another thing coming – – I’ll quit now before I get into a real rant.
        Godspeed, John
        A Plug – I just finished a great book – Everyday Saints and Other Stories – Amazon has it.

      • Great response John, and you speak as a true American warrior and patriot which makes me both proud and lifts my spirit that our men are not going to let this crap just happen! I was really curious what the Russians think of Obama and Americans in general. I have only known a few and they were in Germany when I lived there for a bit. Lovely people who seem to have learned some real truths about propaganda and tyranny in the name of “unity”. It’s animal farm all over again.

        We are being set up. The sad story about Chris Kyle is just one more example of propaganda. I am not saying he did not die at the hands of a troubled veteran, but you cannot demonize every veteran as a potential loose cannon and take their guns. Now we have this terrible event in Alabama where a Navy veteran has kidnapped a little five year old boy off of a school bus after shooting and killing the driver who tried to protect the child. There is no apparent connection to the perp and the child. He has him holed up over a week now in a bunker and the poor child is crying for his parents. You know this is all going to be used to further their gun grabbing agenda and they plan to take them out of our cold dead hands.

      • Oh yeah – one last thing that I did forget – wouldn’t the Second Amendment, in the “eyes of our founding fathers”, directly mean that we as citizens have every right to own and possess any form of defense machinery that the police or government have?

        Now I should go before I get “on the list” and can no longer fly – being classified as 100% total and permanent combat related – – – – :~)

        God Bless you All,

      • The founding fathers would have used anything necessary to win the war against King George whether the military had it or not. I think we should be able to have what we need to stop an overbearing government. Of course the rub is then what about criminals having tanks and a land based military for all intents and purposes? I mean is it high noon a the OK Coral?

        For me it is HIGH NOON, and there are more good and honorable men and women who outnumber the thugs a thousand to one and while we may sacrifice our lives if we killed them all then the world would be a better place.

        Criminals respect force. I lived in Saudi Arabia. I know how negotiations work in the “polite” world. I’ll share a short story about an event that happened while I was there in the late 70’a. Some group kidnapped an American and held them hostage. They also took a Russian. Apparently American tried to be polite while the Russians were direct. They took one of the Arab officials, cut off his ***** and shoved them in his mouth and threw him on the Arab embassy steps. The Russian was released. The America was not so fortunate. Guess who did not have anymore of it’s citizens kidnapped?

      • Thank you, and if I knew your name I would for sure address that word of thanks directly to you. The crap will hit-the-fan and it is totally up to the Oath Keepers to keep the victory on our, the peoples, side. They / we are the Fifth Column. “What if they declared war and nobody showed up?” Better yet, what if they declare war and their warriors turn on them?
        I find that Russians look a person straight in the eye and take them for who they are. Russians seem to know that what is happening in America, and that it is not happening by or because of the people. They have little to say about Obama other than to say he is just following in puppet Bush’s foot steps. They seem to see our political system for what it is – corporate and no longer for and by the people. Frankly, I feel more heart-felt warmth from these people than I do at home. On propaganda and tyranny there are two camps: one camp thinks Stalin was the best leader in history, and the other camp doesn’t say much. Really – read the book I “plugged” and you will read a whole lot on those issues.
        I was at the theater just before it was taken, and I must admit that as good as the show was, I am really glad that I was not there that day! I loved seeing photos of Alfa Group drinking Hennessy Cognac as they popped a cap into the heads of the terrorists I must admit. … These boys do not play around. Sure, some victims died because of the gas used, but many lived – none would have liver if their action was not swift and direct – Americans just don’t get that part though.
        The founding fathers did in fact use everything available to win that war with King George, including “breaking the rules of war.” Gorilla-warfare with no rules is how wars are won. Really sad to say that, but it is true. We took NVA POWs but not a one of them made it out alive – tortured and executed on location – no, I did not par-take [go on line and look through the Command Cro…[I can’t spell the word] of 3/9 – read POW captured / POW expired].
        Now comes the question – how does any individual or group match drones and 50 Cals. with troops from foreign countries firing [we both know the extended list of weapons / personnel they have!]?
        As for “criminals” having what you speak to, we need look no further than Mexico to see that they do have just that, or for that matter, the local Police Forces in the U.S. do to.
        Honorable men and women do out number them exponentially, as the “them” are counted in the hundreds [maybe more] at the very top of the Pyramid; untouchables so to say, because the ones defending “them” are mere cannon fodder. The plan as I see it is that once we are disposed of, then their defenders will follow. You have read the Georgia Guide Stones I feel for sure. Pray – pray for the Oath Keepers to come being from the top-brass down!
        Godspeed, John

      • Regarding Chris Kyle, I smell a Big Rat! I work at the request of the V.A. sometimes with recent released veterans dealing with rather extreme P.T.S.D. The drugs that they are on are Un-Real! I’ll tell you right now, most of these men are so doped up on chemicals that rearrange the brain that I gravely fear that some could be “hypnotized” by their therapist into doing anything – Is our government beyond doing anything like that to a veteran? Silly question I know.
        I am beyond believing in coincidences. No Marine would ever do such a thing unless – read above. …

  3. Yes, the pols in Washington are perfectly content to let our military personnel carry true assault weapons – as distinguished from mere semi-automatics – when they are overseas and not a threat to them, but as soon as they come home they want them labelled as dangerous so they can keep firearms out of their hands. The military veterans of this nation are only a threat to despots would want to do away with the very Constitution that we vets took our oaths to preotect and defend. When I served over thirty years ago it was to help protect this country from the very Marxists that are now so busy seizing power, and it’s safe to say that no veteran would become an enemy of the state unless that state was under attack from evil persons out to create the Soviet Union of America.

    • so true. We are the USSA already which stands for the United Socialist States of America. Nazi’s were not the opposite of Marxists, they were just national Marxist/socialists while the Russians were international Socialists. America is a fascist / socialist nation and the people are being boiled alive like frogs in a slow kill pot.

      • Exactly… I always lookoed as the political spectrum as a circle instead of a line, and to me there was no real, substantial difference between the fascists and the Marxists. To me it was always just a matter of how they sold their sick message.

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