False Flag Event – Superb Owl 2013

We all know the nwo gang loves worshiping Moloch and uses the image of the Owl to represent their god.    I did a play on words in the title because the Super Bowl is easily read as Superb Owl, and what better place to rivet the nations attention than at the biggest sporting event of the year?  This clip below does point out some interesting things in the movie, “The sum of all Fears”, which if you now anything about the occult and Satan worshipers they thrive on chaos and fear.

They practice energetics to gain power and manipulate the population.  Energy is very real.  There is a reason Jesus / Yeshua said to hate your brother is the same as murder because it’s the energy you send and it’s very real.  Will a false flag “terrorist” attack happen at the Super Bowl?  Would they sacrifice thousands of people to push us forward into their ultimate plan of control? They did it in Oklahoma city, New York City, and London.  Both the Ok. bombing and 911 twin towers and Pentagon were put on our money long before the events happened.  That alone proves it was an inside job.  If you don’t believe me, look:

murrah bldg murrah on 20 pentagon pentagon on 20 reverse 911-20 dollar bill b 20pentagon 50-bill 50croppedjpg hoover dam

The old $50 shows a damn that looks an awful lot like our Hoover Dam with the road in tact on top.  The new $50 has the road gone and water flowing over it!  There are other images on the money.  One bill shows what looks like a missile coming out of water and another looks like a nuclear bomb has gone off and has caused a tsunami to come over the top of tall buildings.   Chaos is the way they like to implement huge changes.  I hope nothing happens at the Super Bowl, but they do love to put crap in movies and media depicting a future false flag.

One person mentioned in the comments of that video that they thought the team colors were the same in The Dark Knight rises and The sum of all fears.  I believe some false flags have been stopped by people waking up and talking about these “coincidental” things they see in movies and half time shows or the Olympic shows.  It’s also a great way to create disinformation to make truth seekers look foolish and thereby turn people away who might have listened.  Disinformation is a powerful tool and it’s going on throughout major media and the alternative media.  Never give into fear, but just be aware.  God is speaking to us today in many ways.  As I was reading Joel today it was so obvious how close we are to the Day of the Lord, and we are called to seek God with an undivided heart.  To not fear the things we might see, but to trust in the Lord.  The Locust army is HIS army even though it’s evil.  It is fulfilling the negative side of prophecy and all things will eventually be set right, but we have some lessons and TRUTH to learn.  Pray for us to turn back to the Lord and love one another with a pure heart.  The Lord always gives us warnings, it’s up to us to listen.

Sandy Hook Hoax – Town is named on the Batman movie map, and the school is circled as “Strike Zone 1”

OBLIVION (“last Super Bowl”)


2 comments on “False Flag Event – Superb Owl 2013

    • you know, i don’t like the word smithing truthers who go overboard with word roots and hidden meanings, but with what Madonna did last year, and the crap they did at the olympics and grammy awards, it just seems like they are putting this stuff in our faces and laughing at us. If you like this symbolism, I have a post that deals with it in some songs. It’s all over music, look up “magical musical chairs” and also “Eurythmics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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