China Trading Our Debt for American Resources

You won’t like this news.  Our government stops us from drilling oil and making new refineries, and yet now China is buying up huge swatchs of Texas and areas of the Gulf of Mexico to drill OUR OIL!!!  This interview covers the facts of how were were to be destroyed from within, and how the pieces are falling into place.


One comment on “China Trading Our Debt for American Resources

  1. Yes, and the puppets in DC are playing along like good little boys and girls, aren’t they! It seems like utter insanity to sell vital resources to a nation that is making no secret of its plans to go to war with us, but from the globalist viewpoint nothing could be better than manipulating us to do so. We must remember that America has been written off as a major player and any way that they can use to bring us down from within they will use. It probably is just a matter of time before China sends an army of occupation to “protect” its investments when things go violent here, and being on the West Coast I feel like it would be a good idea to start learning Mandarin!

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