Globalists are Destroying Our Health and Killing Us

Few enjoy negative news and those who do we generally think take a certain pleasure in evil.  Looking into the ugly truth whether it’s staring at you in the mirror or is being shown to us in various forms like youtube videos, documentaries, citizen journalists or alternative news sources is one of the bravest things we can do.  We are willing to face reality regardless of the ridicule many truth seekers face.  The cost of ignorance is vast.  Imagine before we discovered bacteria that doctors used to operate on us with bowls of water they did not rinse, instruments they did not sterilize, and bled us with leeches as a cure for nearly any ailment!  Someone looked more deeply and discovered the truth of bacteria, and shouted it.  Imagine how they were received at first.  Or, think about Galileo saying the earth revolved around the sun and was round.  He got locked up for that heresy.  It did not fit the emotional programming set up by some ignorant men in the church.  (here Canadian accent) “Galileo, the earth is flat dontcha know?”

We know from recorded statements, books, and other documents that there is a portion of the globalist community that believes the earth is vastly over populated.  They have thought of how to “cull the herd” as they call it.  Their preferred methods are slow kills (vaccines, cancer, pandemics caused by viruses), starvation, war, and abortion.  I am going to post 3 videos which spell out how we are being killed.  It’s all available legal documents and released government data.

I am offering you the Red Pill or the Blue Pill of ignorance which is that little “X” button at the top right of this page.  I will never put out information that I have not investigated thoroughly, and in fact I have been researching this topic of health, vaccines, cancer since 1992 when I was pregnant with my first child.  These videos tell us the truth of our situation.  You have to ask where to we go from here.  In order to solve any problem you have to know what it is.  You have to know how vast it is thus you must be able to measure it.  Then and only then can you make a clear decision of what to do for yourself and as more become aware, to change this situation.  For me, it comes down to nutrition and what drugs I put in my body.

I have hypothyroidism.  It is pretty severe and I have struggled with the side effects of it since my first pregnancy when my thyroid mysteriously shut down.  I take a drug to literally not go into a coma and help my other glands work.  I have struggled with weight gain because of it as my metabolism is almost non-existent.  I have recently started a new change in nutrition and it’s been amazing.  I believe it all comes down to nutrition, but I could never feed a family of 6 a pure organic menu.  I cook from scratch, but I recently began a new system which is giving my body all the real nutrition it needs and the results have been amazing.  I have lost 10 pounds in the first week, and while that is great, I want to trim back to say 2 or 3 pounds a week.  I feel very good, have plenty of energy, and actually am looking forward to the future.  If you are needing help send me a message to and I will tell you what I am doing.  I actually had to get on a friends scale to check the results.  I will be adding a few supplements to counteract the viruses put in my body by the vaccines I had to take in order to move overseas to the Middle East.  Without further adieu here are these videos.  Do not become a victim.

Take control of YOUR life, YOUR environment, and HELP others do the same.  We are not helpless, and can fight back to regain our future and that of our children’s.

These are Real Doctors and True Warriors for Truth Helping Us




One comment on “Globalists are Destroying Our Health and Killing Us

  1. It’s wonderful how well you are doing with your new program, Christina! (I’ve started to drop some extra pounds as well!) So much of the garbage that big pharma is conning people into taking is so destructive to human health, and over the last fifteen years or so I have been asking myself how so many medications can get government approval when they have so many serious, deadly side effects (twelve years ago, while undergoing successful treatment for Hepatitis C, my doctor put me on the antidepressant Celexa; I almost didn’t make it through that very rough period, and it was only afterwards that I learned the principle side effect of Celexa was suicidal tendencies!), and the only answer that has explained the government’s approval of these drugs is that they don’t care about these side effects! The elite would be perfectly happy to make fortunes off of the pharmaceutical industry while we destroy our health taking all of this crap! Now I strive to stay away from as many medications as possible as a way to minimize the chances of one of their “wonder drugs” permanently destroying my health.

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