Sandy Hook Facts & Problems

This interview raises some really good questions about the actual shooting event, facts about people involved in this story from family, shooter, shooter’s mother, brother, school nurse who is not licensed in that state, that the weapons Lanza’s mother supposedly registered are illegal in that state so how did she legally register them?  How does a 130 pound weakling carry 100 pounds of gear, kick in a security door supposedly shooting it to get in, and yet when the police got on scene they admit the door was in tact and they busted it open?

Listen to this interview if you are willing to not just believe what the major media says.  It is going to leave you uncomfortable and wondering what in the “hell is going on in America”.  The guest on the radio program is Mike Powers.  He is a former US Naval Law enforcement and US Army Veteran who talks with the host about the glaring Sandy Hook inconsistencies.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS INTERVIEW.

Let’s give you a quick overview of Mike Powers bio:

Mike Powers is a US Naval Law Enforcement and US Army Infantry veteran. Powers has 15 years experience in federal service, specialized search and rescue, 10 years professionally instructing wilderness survival and personal defense theory.

10 years as a firearms and tactic instructor, having worked with private citizens as well as public service elements and a consultant in protective security detail. He has been on several security teams for celebrities and military officials.  SOURCE

I highly suggest you share this with others via facebook, twitter, email, and there are links at the bottom.  Americans especially need to hear the facts.

Sandy Hook Investigation – 30 questions:

  1.  What was Christopher A. Rodia‘s car doing at the scene?
  2.  Why was it reported as Nancy Lanza’s car to begin with? (Actually the warrant states that it was a relatives car)
  3.  Why was a weapon in the trunk?
  4.  Why did the media and cops LIE and say that Adam had that car?
  5.  Why was the Canadian sub teacher’s car the ONLY one in the parking lot that was shot up?
  6.  Why did media and the cops LIE and say that Nancy was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary when she NEVER WAS?
  7.  What happened to all of the other people arrested?
  8.  What happened to the reddish purple van with the windows shot out?
  9. Were the parents allowed to see the bodies?
  10. How come we’ve not seen so much as ONE crime scene photo when the media loves NOTHING more than to constantly show us evil’s face?
  11. Why do they keep claiming that the AR15 was in the school when SEVERAL cops reported ALL MORNING that it was FOUND in the BACK SEAT of the car?
  12. How many guns DID little Adam manage to carry around with him? With all that weight, how was he able to remain mobile and dynamic?
  13. Why do Peter and Nancy Lanza only show Ryan on Spokeo as a son?
  14. Why or how was Adam in possession of Ryan’s ID when they’d not seen one another since 2010?
  15. How was Probable Cause established to search the mom’s home when RYAN was the primary suspect all day? The WARRANT was searched on Nancy’s home less than 1.5 hours after the first police dispatch?
  16. Why did the media report Peter Lanza as having been found dead in NYC? ALL….DAY….LONG?
  17. What is Rodia’s connection to all of this? Or his 19yr old niece?
  18. How did Adam get to the school? And WHY? What made him select Sandy Hook Elementary as his target?
  19. Is it not odd that the sub teacher’s body was also not allowed to be seen, and her car was the ONLY one shot up?
  20. Why was her classroom the one with all the victims?
  21. What was up with the Robbie  Parker Interview?
  22. What was up with Dr.Carver, and his interview?
  23. He’s seen THOUSANDS of people shot? WHERE?
  24. What did the Medical Examiner Carver mean by “you can control a situation with the right photographer”?
  25. Why does the name J Paul Vance show up as both a CT State Police Lt AND the Commissioner to which the 100M lawsuit was filed to? Would that not constitute a conflict of interest?
  26. Why is now the Mother of one of the pic’s  victims coming out saying that her daughter is ALIVE AND WELL?
  27. What was with the Eugene Rosen interviews? Changed statements and stating he was a “psychologist”? Not with only 2yrs of college.
  28. Why were all of the fire trucks BLOCKED IN and BACKED UP to the school?
  29. Who IS Roy Low, and how is he SO informed as to appear in three interviews?
  30. Why would cops place a SUSPECT – in cuffs – in the FRONT SEAT of a police car during an ACTIVE SHOOTER event that is NOT yet over?


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