US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales

I’ve been writing about the importance of investing in gold and silver coins, and how something is going based on several indicators.  Gold and silver are real money and when paper currency loses it’s value due to inflation this is what you want to have. There have been reports of the very wealthy quietly exiting the stock market and investing in gold, silver and other precious metals.  China lifted it’s ban on citizens buying gold and silver. Last year,China told it’s citizens to invest in as much as possible.  We started seeing “We buy gold” shops popping up on every other street corner the last couple of years.  You see the guys standing on the side walk twirling a sign for the business in order to get your attention.  Well, now the US mint is out of silver coins for their silver eagle coin! I do believe we are about to see a drop in the dollar again and possible crisis which the government will be more than happy to exploit.

As many have lost jobs and can not find suitable work they are leaning on the government to survive via unemployment benefits and food stamps.  The more dependent a population is then the easier it is to control them in a crisis.  It’s time to make sure you have food supplies set aside to last at least 6 months.  You need basic stuff and a back stock of your medicines.  Get some heritage seeds and start a garden.  The time is running out to prepare.

US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/17/2013 18:40 -0500

As we noted earlier this month, the demand for both gold and silver ‘physical’ coins has been record-breaking as 2013 began. So much so, that now after selling over 6 million silver coins in 2013 so far, the US Mint has run out of silver eagles and has suspended sales. Furthermore, the Mint is saying that it will not restart sales until January 28th! With all asunder proclaiming victory and crisis averted based on the nominal price of stocks at five-year highs, Swiss interest rates no longer negative, and Spanish bond yields at 5%, it seems there are still a few that demand the wealth-preserving safe-haven of hard assets as the escalation of the currency wars shows no sign of abating.

 Authorized Purchasers,

The United States Mint has temporarily sold out of 2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion coins.  As a result, sales are suspended until we can build up an inventory of these coins.  Sales will resume on or about the week of January 28, 2013, via the allocation process.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.


Jack A. Szczerban

Branch Chief, Precious Metals Group

Department of the Treasury

United States Mint


This will be an ongoing story, but I will put this update here.  I am not sure what this means in the larger scheme of things, but it appears this is what happened to the silver and why the US mint does not have any silver eagles.  I would like to hear from any of you who may understand this market better than I do.  I just found this bit of into, and I cannot tell if they are trying to create a hype over silver and create a market certificate boom and thus another bubble.  It would be oversold and thus the important thing is A. have physical silver  and B. those who do not will lose everything when the bubble breaks.

SLV Adds Record 572 Tons Of Silver In One Day, More Than In All Of 2012

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/17/2013 11:34 -0500

Technically the addition of 572 tons, or a massive 18,378,092 ounces of physical silver, to the SLV ETF, in one day is not a record, as it excludes one amount which however was a year end rebalance at the end of 2007 offset promptly on the next day, but it certainly is the biggest one day addition of physical silver to SLV in ordinary course operations. It is also more silver added to the ETF in all of 2012, when just 544 tons were added in the entire year. This was driven by the creation of some 19,000,000 shares of SLV overnight which brought the total to 356.8 million shares. And since there has been no move in the price of silver, which certainly would have soared had this amount been purchased in the open market we can only assume this has to do with in kind basket creation taking place. Whether this was due to arbitrage, or simply the need to create inventory we don’t know: we are confident however, that SLV custodian, money laundering expert extraordinaire HSBC, will have no comment. Just as there is no comment why in the days following the epic May 1, 2011 take down of silver, a nearly just as large 522 tons of silver poured out the ETF on May 4, 2011. What is certain is that a move of this size is certainly notable.


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