Confirmed Biological Testing on Americans by U.S. Government

The Chemtrail poison is nothing new. The U.S. Government did similar testing in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Information obtained through FOI requests proves that Americans were poisoned as part of military tests and they were not informed.  Who got the brunt of the poison?  The brunt of it was sprayed on 10,000 low income people in St. Louis of whom  70% were under the age of 12.  See, the poor can be useful!  Who is going to care about poor people getting sick?  Obviously, no one because they got away with it for decades.

What were they spraying?  Zinc Cadmium Sulfide was the test compound and the company linked to it was sued many times for poisoning it’s workers with radioactive substances.  Many women died when the paint they were using supplied by this company because it was radioactive.  They use it to paint fluorescent paint on watch faces.

Now, do you think it’s odd that Americans are concerned about the white haze that is created in our skies by the chemtrails left behind as government planes spay aluminum, barium and strontium ?

Here is a plane caught red handed by a pilot spraying:

Contrails do not stop and start. I grew up seeing contrails. They appeared and then dissipated. They did not feather out and create white haze in the sky.  It’s so bad that hollywood is going back and adding chem trails to old movies to try to fool us.  Don’t you remember blue skies?  What this video and see the plane turn off it’s spray and then start back up!  If it’s a contrail then that would not happen.  THEY ARE SPRAYING TO MAKE US SICK AND MODIFY THE WEATHER.

We should not see grids in the sky from planes passing.  USE YOUR HEAD, they are spraying us:

This is a radio interview with an aviation expert.


One comment on “Confirmed Biological Testing on Americans by U.S. Government

  1. Going back and airbrushing contrails into old films is so completely 1984 that it’s not funny. In Orwell’s classic (as you remember, my friend) the government was always going back and rewriting history to support its positions in the present. Only someone who actually pays attention will notice the difference. We’ve been considered expendable for so long that most people don’t know it anymore.

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