Piers Morgan – The Arrogant Brit

In my recent blog post called “The Hidden Hand” I spell out why I think Alex Jones is not exactly what most patriots believe him to be.  That being said, he does speak 90% truth and he does it in his own unique way.  Many are put off by his yelling and ranting, but I listen for facts, and I appreciate passionate people who still keep their wits about them.

What I want to discuss here is the absolute arrogance displayed by Piers Morgan and other liberals.  They run rough shod over conservative guest, talk down to them, and then have the temerity to act offended when someone such as Alex Jones pushes back hard?  Watch this first video, and ask yourself if you would have kept your cool with Mr. Morgan:

Now, if you haven’t see the Alex Jones interview on Mr. Morgan’s show, here it is:

You see, these blowhards love to ask stupid set up questions to play “Gotchcha”, and when you don’t go by their script they do get rather nasty don’t they?  Another reporter who loves to do this is George Step on all of us:

When the SHTF in America I am sure that Mr. Morgan will be armed and ready to shoot anyone coming after him.  These liberals are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to facts.  They either have guns or pay people to protect them and yet they want you and me to be defenseless against criminals.  It’s not going to happen.



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