Odd number of people reading “Mormon Plan for America” article

I keep track of visitors to my site.  I am a little stumped that in the last two days I have had 3000 hits on my article about the “Mormon Plan for America”!  Why are people suddenly clicking that article?  If you were sent here from somewhere else, please let me know what the sudden interest is in this article.  I very curious about this activity.




2 comments on “Odd number of people reading “Mormon Plan for America” article

  1. I didn’t read it until you posted this. I think it’s good to know. It looks like the world is competing for the seat of the anti-christ which they all intend to call “christ/king” – who will win??? This does help explain all of the infighting that is going on at the upper levels. It’s like the dogs are getting really close to the bone and fighting for their lives over it!! Before they were working together pretty well. If we understand that, it makes it all pretty funny. If we believe in the Scriptures – it’s 3-1/2 years – that’s all they get and then they’re done for!!!

    • Hey Mary,

      Well, believe it or not, it was even shortened more than that! It’s five months, and that shows just how bad the deception will be. Most Christians anticipate this nasty evil world dictator who will be hunting them down and killing them. The fearful crisis will actually happen before AC gets here!

      Jesus said not to worry when you hear of wars and rumors of wars. He said not to believe anyone who said, “Here is Christ / Messiah or There is Messiah” for they would be liars and false teachers. Yeshua / Jesus said, to take note when they are saying “Peace, peace peace”!

      Why would people be saying that? Just ask anyone who was alive when WWII ended! That’s all people could talk about was the end of the war and worry about our boys fighting in it. You see, AC is not coming to kill us, he is coming to seduce us and pretend to be the Messiah. He is going to promise anything to us, heal us, take care of us, love us, and everyone will be swooning in this love glow. Children and friends and lovers who fall for this crap will be so dismayed when you or I don’t. They will go to him and say, “Won’t you please help my mom, she loves God and just needs to see how wonderful you are!” and of course, then mom gets delivered up to DEATH otherwise known as Satan, Lucifer, Antichrist and the destroyer. Can you imagine a God fearing woman with a child suffering from terrible disease who sees this man heal her suffering child and extend his hand in a loving gesture, and embrace her telling her he will make all things new. He will do miracles, give us free energy (snap his fingers and make lightening appear) and the world will whore after him. Jesus is coming back for a virgin bride. Anyone who is fooled by his lil twin morning star, Lucifer will no longer be a virgin bride. She will have married the imposter and will be rejected. Have no fear for the millennium will sort it all out. Thanks for writing Mary, I sort of just rambled on, but someone needed to hear it.

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