True Crime Facts When Comparing Statistics

My mom used to say, “Figures lie and liars figure”.  The point is that when dealing with numbers and statistics it all depends on how you gather your data and how you present it.  In the current national debate about violent crime and guns we hear so much about how much lower the gun crimes are in the UK and other European countries.  They act like this is such as simple subject that if we just make guns illegal then all the gun murders will magically stop.  They act as if the rainbow will appear, the lion will lie down with the lamb and bad people will miraculously become good people.

My mom also said when comparing things to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.  For those of you who do not grasp this, it means look at things as evenly as possible, and especially in regards to politics and populations.  America is unlike any other culture on Earth.  We are a very mixed group of people, cultures, and issues which arise from conflicts between various groups as well as economic concerns.  So, can you compare a village of 200 people all closely knit to a city of  500,000 people from any number of cultures?  It just makes sense that the two are vastly different regions with different needs, concerns and opportunities.  Thus, when comparing crime statistics to the United Kingdom vs. America some things stand out like sore thumbs.  Did you know:


You see, America has less violent crime OVERALL than the United Kingdom does.  There is a difference though in that the crime rate is almost double when comparing small towns to cities of over 250,000.  Crime goes up in larger cities, and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out.  There are more strangers, poor people, drugs and other things that allows for more opportunities for violent crime.  Friends do kill friends, but much of the crime in cities is done by common thugs / gangs.  England and Wales only have 32 cities with 250,000 or more while America has 186 cities with over 250,000.

It only makes sense that we have a higher crime rate than the UK if you are counting large cities.  Yet, overall, we have a lower crime rate per 100,000.  This video sparked my making the above graphic.  This guy nails it, and shows that the issues we are really dealing with are much deeper than our politicians seem to be willing to delve.


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