The Hidden Hand


“By their fruits you shall know them”

Admit it, no one likes to be deceived and one who is deceived and discovers it is flabbergasted that they were deceived to begin with.  You know the saying, “Why am I the last to know”?  This sort of thought often is associated with a lover cheating on someone, and when they find out they’ve been cheated on, they make that sort of statement.   They find out their friends knew and never said anything.  Those not quite so close to a situation see things more objectively, and through dispassionate observation one can make the most honest assessments.  This is why we hire people to do investigations for us on personal matters.

There is a TV show right now called “Mystery Diners” which I enjoy watching because of the psychology of these cheating employees is amazing.  Without a doubt, none of them admit to their guilt immediately despite just having been caught in the act of ripping off their boss.  One might say, “Why pay some “mystery dining” company to set up cameras.  Just show up and catch them!  The benefit of having a true outsider is the dispassionate gathering of information and assessing actions.  One episode actually proved the owner was partially at fault for their lack of overseeing and training of their employees.  They in effect were part of the problem, and few people want to admit their own culpability.  What’s this have to do with fruit?  Well, Jesus / Yeshua said we would know the truth about others by their fruit.  He also told us that in the last generation we would face unparallelled evil and deception so much so that had these days not been shortened even the very elect chosen from the foundation of this age would be deceived!  Now, that’s quite a statement about how bad the deception is today.

The best lie is clothed in truth.  It takes particular skill to deceive millions of people, and the one who is coming is called the father of lies for a reason.  The best way to turn a good man bad is to cause him to believe that what he is doing is good when in truth it brings destruction.  The reason I have begun this particular article in this manner, is that I believe we are seeing deception on a scale never before and one man who is deceiving those who seek truth is Alex Jones.  I have been supportive of Alex for years.  He speaks volumes of truth.  I have supported Rush Limbaugh for years as well, but I discovered that no one achieves national fame and garners an audience without fulfilling some role which those in true power want them to fulfill.  People will always fall into certain categories like liberal, conservative, atheist, Christian, patriot, user, taker,giver, helper etc..  One mode of manipulation will not work on everyone and thus, in order to infect the world with the thoughts to go along with what these shadows of power, the elite who hide and run the world from secret places want they have to use many methods.  What works on liberals will not work on conservatives.  For me, it is very plain to see, and I hope I will prove my point of the current deception which I believe is the next move we shall see in America.

If you did not see the conversation Piers Morgan and Alex Jones had last night please watch it now, so you will understand what I am going to show you further down :

They are not going to go after all of our guns in the next move.  When you negotiate for something you don’t ask for that thing, but something so much greater, so when your “opponent” balks and you bicker back and forth (negotiate) you appear to give and they see it as concession and as you work backward, you get to the goal you really wanted, and they find that acceptable.  It’s common sense.  It’s how civil law works.  I feel I am injured by you and believe I should be compensated to the tune of $100,000.00.  I don’t ask for that.  I sue you for $10,000,000 dollars.  We start working backwards.  Or if that example does not work for you, think of selling a car.  Do you ask for what you really want?  If you do you are going to have a hard time getting it because everyone wants to feel they got a deal, and no one believes the asking price is the real price you will take.  So, I believe my car is really worth $5,000.00 and so I put it on the market for  $8,000.00.  So, anywhere between $5,000.00 and $8,000.00 I will be happy to deal.  You negotiate and if you are good, you will find my final area, and we settle for $5,000.00. If you are not very good, I get you for $6,500.00!

So, the $10,000,000.00 or the $8,000.00 are really a distraction.  Oh, they are legitimate values, but not realistic.  In fact, to be honest, I am lying when I sue for $10,000,000.00 or ask $8,000.00 and you are not stupid in those matters, so you negotiate.  It works a little differently when it comes to public opinion making.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Public Relations is about making people want something and think a particular way about things.  How do you socially engineer a population to accept X when they are no where close to X at the time?  You don’t just come out with X, you slowly change things via media.  It’s the frog in boiling water theory.  For those who are not familiar, it is a truth that if you dump a frog in a pan of boiling water it will seek to escape quickly; however, should you put a frog in comfortable water and gradually turn up the heat ever so slowly, eventually the frog will cook and never once try to leave the pan!  It’s the same thing that has happened to American morals, culture, and ethics.  We are no longer a people of absolute rights and wrongs.  It’s all situational and we don’t want to be called names like bigot, fanatic, judgmental, rigid, racist, etc..  Labels are powerful tools to keep people in line.  What does all this have to do with Alex Jones?

Last night Alex Jones went on T.V. with Piers Morgan and Alex really came on strongly and did not play by the rules of decent debate.  He was aggressive, spoke truth about guns and tyranny.  Piers threw him off after segment 2 and then another guest and Piers started calling Alex a nut, paranoid, and crazy.  It was theater at it’s best folks, because I don’t think for a moment that Alex Jones is an idiot.  I don’t think he was just caught up and unable to control himself.  He knows exactly what he is doing, and is playing a role which is useful in public relations for those who do like him and agree with what he says.   You see, Piers Morgan has taken the extreme position of all guns should be confiscated and only the police / government should have them.  Alex adamantly defends the second amendment and our right to not be helpless against a tyrannical government, but did you see what he brought up?  This is the slight of hand or otherwise called the hidden hand, folks.

The lie is the left talking about banning all guns.   The lie is the initial point they are seeking to make, when I believe the real goal is further down the spectrum of control, and Alex played his role, but going to the mentally ill who are on psychotropic drugs,

“I want to get people off pills that the insert says will make you commit suicide and kill people! I want to blame the real culprit. Suicide pills! Mass murder pills!”

If my outside assessment in watching this charade is correct, then we are not seeing two opponents going at it in this interview, but basically two pawns who fulfill a role in battle.  They are in effect good cop and bad cop and we are the one being manipulated by their behavior.  In the case of the true patriot who likes what Alex Jones says, then the bad cop is Piers wanting all guns banned and Alex is the good cop changing the focus to mental illness and drugs.  That is the real target of the elite for now.  They would gladly take all the guns, but that’s not the realistic goal at this time.  They want to gain more control and they want the majority of the population to come to their way of thinking and thereby socially engineer us a little further down the road to position X which is total control.

How does this play out then?   We will see more news stories and talking heads starting to really examine the issue of mental illness and the effects of drugs, but they won’t agree that drugs are bad, but that those who need them need to be carefully watched and monitored for their own safety and that of their family and society in general.  This is where this discussion kills the proverbial two birds with one stone.

The most dangerous part of the population to those who are tyrannical are the men who have been trained in the military who know how to wage war, fight, and protect themselves and others.  Even if they have been retired for years, they don’t lose that training and can be a problem for the government.  In recent years, we have seen story after story about how many come home from war with mental problems.  That many commit suicide and in fact suicide takes more of our soldiers lives than active combat!  Many have ptsd and are put on drugs to help them cope.  That is a main focus for the traitors to freedom.  They want to demonize our soldiers and take away their right to have guns.  They also want to extend this to those who live with these individuals.  Thus, the new goal in actuality is to put all returning soldiers in a monitoring program for their own safety. They will not be allowed to own any guns until they are “cleared” as safe.  If they move back home with mom and dad, then any guns that are in the home owned by mom and dad must be removed as well.  Another benefit is now making a new class of “Gestapo” by legally requiring all psychologists and mental health professionals to report anyone they prescribe medications for mental disorders or treating for those disorders to the police unit specializing in registering potentially dangerous or unstable individuals so they can remove weapons until the subject is no longer under treatment.

That then leaves the whole population who has ever received treatment for any mental illness or been prescribed certain medications to be evaluated for safety.   Until they are cleared, they too will have to turn in their weapons and anyone they live with must also be disarmed for their own safety.

That is the real goal folks, and if you don’t see how Alex Jones is playing his role then I would ask you how could he open this Pandora’s box for the elite to exploit?  He is not a stupid man.   He has shown in the past that he can see through these games.  In 2009 he played a role in trying to hype the H1N1 flu pandemic.  He did not get on board with the real truth which Jane Burgermeister was revealing and kept her from sharing her story for a long time.  I had a recent post about that situation and in one video she shares how Alex Jones sought to sideline her efforts.   Alex Jones is just one among many “truthers” who is really doing his part to manipulate a population for the elite.  He is not alone.  Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity are all playing their roles.  As this story is about the current crisis of manipulating the gun control debate and what happened with Alex Jones last night, I am sticking to that subject.  The best lie is hidden in truth.  Disinformation is not about selling a lie, but infiltrating a community you are against, appearing as one of them, and once trust is earned you can say something ridiculous which undermines the real truth because it’s easy to ignore nuts.  Alex did this in the past about Bilderberg attendees when he had to throw out there that they were eating gold gilded and roasted babies.  His behavior last night allows many to ignore him and his message on all levels because he appears a bit mental himself.

The truth is, time for polite debate is over, but there is forceful communication and then there is acting as an ass.  It’s a fine line sometimes, but Alex Jones knew what he was doing last night, and the real nugget he needed to forward the discussion towards is mental illness and psychotropic drugs.  He is playing his role very well.


4 comments on “The Hidden Hand

  1. Good analysis. If you look around at different parts of our society this tactic of infiltrating and discrediting is hard at work. Take the show “Extreme Preppers”, for instance: the producers pick the strangest, most excessive and seemingly unbalanced people to put on the show because they want to help the elite discredit preppers in general as being paranoid, obsessive, anti-social nuts. Are some of them just that? Of course, but for every screwball there are probably ten very sane, prudent people preparing for what is clearly coming. Whatever a person may feel about the subject, the same has been done to UFO researchers for decades. Yes, there are many loonies on the fringe of this group who all have their ridiculous stories about trips to Venus and how the exalted aliens are coming to deliver us from ourselves, but for each of them there are numerous people of sound judgement who are investigating that phenomena critically and objectively. It’s an old game. The first Caesars were quite clever in keeping up the appearance of the Senate still being the government and it wasn’t until Nero that they cast that ruse aside.

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