Woman Saves Her Family by Shooting the Intruder

If Obama and the wingnuts on the left have their way, this woman would be a statistic of yet another criminal.  She saved her two 9 year old twins and herself when a home invader broke in and finally opened the closet they were hiding in by shooting him five times.  When seconds count cops are only minutes away!  The police have guns to protect themselves from criminals they encounter who desire to harm them.  Why should we not be able to protect ourselves?  It is proven that when you ban guns crime increases, especially violent crime.  When gun ownership and carrying are legal and encouraged crime goes down across the board.


From Fox News

Ga. mom shoots intruder 5 times, hides children

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder, Paul Ali Slater, several times during a home invasion on Friday, according to multiple media reports.

The Loganville mother said she didn’t initially answer when someone knocked on her door around 1 p.m. Friday. When the visitor began repeatedly ringing the doorbell, she called her husband at work, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

He then dialed 911 and his 37-year-old wife gathered their 9-year-old twins and hid them in a crawlspace inside the home.

According to the report, the intruder then forced his way into the home and started “rummaging” through the family’s belongings.

When the suspect went into the closet where the family was hiding ,the woman fired six bullets at the suspect, five of which hit alleged suspect Paul Ali Slater in the face and neck area.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The woman fled to a neighbor’s home with her children. The woman and her two children were not injured.


Can you not see that banning guns makes zero sense?



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