Sandy Hook Hysteria

You know, I look long and hard for citizen journalists who spot things, record them and upload them for our understanding, but it drives me nuts when people take a bender.  Take for instance the Sandy Hook family of the mom, dad, and their three daughters.

Here is the image:

child has no legs

Now, this guy who I can tell is sincere has put out more information about this image. I do agree that the girl on the left looks very weird in that she has no legs!  It appears she is straddling his legs, so where are hers? I see her sisters next to her, but oh wait, now this guy is going on a tear about the girl who has her a hand in her mouth only has 4 fingers!  LOOK AT HER HAND! The first finger is longer than a thumb on 99.9% of the human population.  Her thumb is nearly pointing at the camera, and yet this  “truther” is going to try to push this “claw” agenda. He does it with an Oprah and Michelle photo on an O cover.  “Michelle’s hand has been photoshopped into a claw!!!!”  Really? And why would they do that and then try to hide it?  “Because they are doing a magick spell and invoking satanic powers!”  I just shake my head, because anyone who knows anything about the occult and “magick” / energetics and real demonology knows you don’t need to photoshop things and trick people. You just do the spell empower it with energy via asundry of methods.  This photo clearly shows a child with 5, count them 5 fingers:


Why do I give a darn? Because bad information is just as terrible as creating a false flag.  If it’s a mistake, then own up to it, but if you don’t own up to it, then you my friend fall into the arrogant and disinformation catagory.  Anyone can make a mistake, we are human after all, but when you put out videos and are blind to simple facts you do more harm to truth than you can ever realize.

Here is the video that set me off on this.  Besides the fact that the guy spends minutes tooting his own horn about how long he’s been a truther, and how much he distrusts big name “truthers” and how he knows this and that, the fact is, he is royally screwing some information up here that let’s those in doubt and those who do sew doubt to point a finger at him like I am right now and then say all “truther” info is crap.  “You’re just a tin hat wearing whacko, and we don’t need to listen to you” and we are forever relegated to the cellar to be ignored and patted on the head while a woman in a sweet southern voice says, “bless their heart”.


One comment on “Sandy Hook Hysteria

  1. That’s what really chaps my backside about some of these folks, for they are playing right into the enemy’s hand with their nonsense. You’re right, whenever a truther or alleged truther puts out some bad intel it akes everyone else look like raving lunatics. This is true in any field – you should see some of the garbage put on the net by “UFO researchers”! If it wasn’t so blatantly stupid and harmful to legitimate researchers it would be funny.

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