US EMP Attack Within Months? Martial Law By Memorial Day Verified

In my searchings, I came across this article.  The warning is dire, and obviously could be false and meant to cause worry, fear, and concern.  I use such information to stay grounded and centered, but to be aware of the information.  If it does occur as stated, then have provisions ready.  If it does not, then no harm no foul.  I just read as well a very interesting “prophecy” concerning the inauguration event on Jan. 20th at noon.  Is it possible America will face some crisis at noon or is it the beginning of the fall of America in toto?  Again, only time will tell.

On today’s John Moore show, John informs us that his East coast FEMA source is deeply worried that America will take an EMP attack within months or even weeks. This source has already moved his family to a ‘safe place’. All of his sources continue to inform him that martial law will be in effect in America by Memorial Day 2013.

John issues a very stern warning: “There is nothing more dangerous than a man who knows that he is right and has no fear” in response to potential gun confiscation laws in America and the job that law enforcement officers in America might soon have in taking guns away from otherwise law-abiding Americans.

John also speaks out loudly to law enforcement in America: “Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a police officer and you think that you are going to enforce new unconstitutional anti-gun laws against the people of this country, you’re going to be up against something that is new and that you’ve never had to do before in your career as a police officer. The men and women you’ll be going up against will be sane, they will be sober, they will be resourceful, they will have no fear and they will know they are right, and they will know that you are wrong.”

John gets into everything right off the bat in today’s show.

You can read the prophecy here.


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