Ley Lines and Ancient Sacrificial Rites Done as Massacres

This video is quite interesting if you are a student of ancient esoteric occult practices such as myself.  The creator of this is onto something here, though I think it goes back much further than the Mayans and Aztecs. I think the pattern was just borrowed from them.  You will find the “coincidences” just too much, and the obvious conclusion is the was set up a LONGGGGG time ago:

The question I find interesting is what is next.  I look at the disasters that have not happened yet which are on our money like the deluge and the dam breaking (one on the 5 and one on the 50).  Dates always fascinate me as they love certain numbers and the dates often add up to 27, 9, 13, 33, 18 which is 6+6+6 etc..

This information gives much food for thought.


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