False Flag Event – Superb Owl 2013

We all know the nwo gang loves worshiping Moloch and uses the image of the Owl to represent their god.    I did a play on words in the title because the Super Bowl is easily read as Superb Owl, and what better place to rivet the nations attention than at the biggest sporting event of the year?  This clip below does point out some interesting things in the movie, “The sum of all Fears”, which if you now anything about the occult and Satan worshipers they thrive on chaos and fear.

They practice energetics to gain power and manipulate the population.  Energy is very real.  There is a reason Jesus / Yeshua said to hate your brother is the same as murder because it’s the energy you send and it’s very real.  Will a false flag “terrorist” attack happen at the Super Bowl?  Would they sacrifice thousands of people to push us forward into their ultimate plan of control? They did it in Oklahoma city, New York City, and London.  Both the Ok. bombing and 911 twin towers and Pentagon were put on our money long before the events happened.  That alone proves it was an inside job.  If you don’t believe me, look:

murrah bldg murrah on 20 pentagon pentagon on 20 reverse 911-20 dollar bill b 20pentagon 50-bill 50croppedjpg hoover dam

The old $50 shows a damn that looks an awful lot like our Hoover Dam with the road in tact on top.  The new $50 has the road gone and water flowing over it!  There are other images on the money.  One bill shows what looks like a missile coming out of water and another looks like a nuclear bomb has gone off and has caused a tsunami to come over the top of tall buildings.   Chaos is the way they like to implement huge changes.  I hope nothing happens at the Super Bowl, but they do love to put crap in movies and media depicting a future false flag.

One person mentioned in the comments of that video that they thought the team colors were the same in The Dark Knight rises and The sum of all fears.  I believe some false flags have been stopped by people waking up and talking about these “coincidental” things they see in movies and half time shows or the Olympic shows.  It’s also a great way to create disinformation to make truth seekers look foolish and thereby turn people away who might have listened.  Disinformation is a powerful tool and it’s going on throughout major media and the alternative media.  Never give into fear, but just be aware.  God is speaking to us today in many ways.  As I was reading Joel today it was so obvious how close we are to the Day of the Lord, and we are called to seek God with an undivided heart.  To not fear the things we might see, but to trust in the Lord.  The Locust army is HIS army even though it’s evil.  It is fulfilling the negative side of prophecy and all things will eventually be set right, but we have some lessons and TRUTH to learn.  Pray for us to turn back to the Lord and love one another with a pure heart.  The Lord always gives us warnings, it’s up to us to listen.

Sandy Hook Hoax – Town is named on the Batman movie map, and the school is circled as “Strike Zone 1”

OBLIVION (“last Super Bowl”)

China Trading Our Debt for American Resources

You won’t like this news.  Our government stops us from drilling oil and making new refineries, and yet now China is buying up huge swatchs of Texas and areas of the Gulf of Mexico to drill OUR OIL!!!  This interview covers the facts of how were were to be destroyed from within, and how the pieces are falling into place.

China’s Buying A Fleet Of Russian Bombers Perfect For Taking On The US Navy

They say actions speak louder than words, and now China seems to be backing up their threats with more activity to bring those threats to fruition.  Most Americans are woefully ignorant of the danger we are facing.  Some say China would never attack us because they own us, but do they really?  All they really own is debt on paper.  Possession is 9/10ths of the law and they don’t possess our resources, labor, or have a means to force us to pay our debt.  They know we cannot possibly every repay that debt and no matter what the US government promises for payment, the American people are not going to sit idly by while these slave labor crap producing Chinese come in to take our country physically.   Thus, they need us disarmed and helpless.  They are planning for war.

Russian Tu-22M

Chinese websites are again reporting that Russia has agreed to sell Beijing the production line for the Tupolev Tu-22M3 bomber at a cost of $1.5 billion.

Once in service with the Chinese Naval Air Forces the Tu-22M3 will be known as the “H-10″.

The deal struck with Russia includes 36 aircraft: a batch of 12 followed by a second batch of 24 additional bombers.

The Tu-22 will be employed in the maritime attack role and used to attack targets from low levels to avoid radar detection.

The Tu-22 is a Soviet supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber. It was developed during the Cold War and is among the closest things to a modern stealth bomber. However, it will get updated with indigenous systems and an extended range making it a significant threat to many latest generations weapon systems.

That’s even more true if the deal with Russia includes the Raduga Kh-22 (AS-4 ‘Kitchen’) long-range anti-ship missile, in which case this could be a significant change in the strategic balance of the region.

The Tu-22 bombers will give China another tool to pursue the area denial strategy in the South China Sea and the Pacific theatre; a fast platform to launch cruise missiles, conventional or nuclear weapons in various regional war scenarios.

In other words, a brand new threat to the U.S. Navy in the region.

China “Sinks” US Aircraft Carrier During War Game

The liberal crowd had a hissy fit when Sarah Palin had an image of a target on some political campaign ad, and insisted she was inciting violence or sending a “message”.  I wonder if any of these same loud mouths will put two and two together in regards to China using a mock U.S. aircraft carrier and claiming they sunk it with a missile.   They are preparing for war, they believe they can win, they outnumber us 4:1 and they have plenty of money not to mention they have been stock piling raw materials and food.  Now is not the time to ignore the literal writing on the wall as they tell us they hate us, they want to destroy us, and they will attack us physically.

China “Sinks” US Aircraft Carrier During War Game

Carrier Killer’ missile destroys mock battleship in Gobi Desert

Paul Joseph Watson
January 25, 2013

China reportedly “sunk” a mock US aircraft carrier with a state of the art missile during a war game in the Gobi Desert recently, fueling concerns that the newly emerging superpower is increasingly eyeing the United States as a military rival.

“The People’s Liberation Army has successfully sunk a US aircraft carrier, according to a satellite photo provided by Google Earth,” reports the Want China Times,” adding that, “A satellite image reveals two large craters on a 200-meter-long white platform in the Gobi desert used to simulate the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. The photo was first posted on SAORBATS, an internet forum based in Argentina. Military analysts believed the craters would have been created by China’s DF-21D anti-ship missile, dubbed the “carrier killer.”

The article cites a report which appeared in the state-run Global Times boasting of how the new missile has the capability to strike aircraft carriers 2,000 kilometers away. The report was careful to add that the missile, which is being stationed at strategic locations around China’s coastline, does not have the technical capability to reach America, a moot argument given that US aircraft carriers are located at numerous different points on the globe at any one time.

As Business Insider notes, the report’s legitimacy is bolstered by the fact that, “The China Times is a 63 year old Taiwanese paper slightly slanted toward unification, but with a solid reputation and accurate reporting.”

Although the test in the Gobi Desert was supposedly successful, defense expert Roger Cliff points out that targeting a real aircraft carrier at sea would be significantly more difficult.

“The thing to keep in mind is that, in order for China to successfully attack a U.S. navy ship with a ballistic missile,” Cliff told The Diplomat, “it must first detect the ship, identify it as a U.S. warship of a type that it wishes to attack … [then] over-the-horizon radars used to detect ships can be jammed, spoofed, or destroyed; smoke and other obscurants can be deployed … and when the missile locks on to the target its seeker can be jammed or spoofed.”

However, the fact that China is targeting a mock US aircraft carrier as the main focus of one of its war game exercises is sure to set alarm bells ringing, especially amidst an undercurrent of tension created as a result of China’s recent spat with Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Last week, Japan warned that it would fire on Chinese aircraft to prevent violations of its airspace.

The Pentagon’s recent geopolitical pivot made it clear that China was the primary military threat to the United States.

Threats on behalf of Chinese military officials to target the United States have increased in recent years.

In September last year, Zhang Zhaozhong, rear admiral at China’s National Defense University, was quoted in the state-run People’s Daily as bragging that China would comfortably defeat Japan in a war and that Beijing should prepare for the United States to become involved in the conflict.

In December 2011, Zhaozhong also warned that China “will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.”

Earlier this year, Zhaozhong reacted to the announcement that the United States had developed a new high-tech stealth destroyer warship by saying China could use fishing boats laden with explosives to carry out suicide attacks against the U.S. Navy.

“It would be a goner,” Zhaozhong told state broadcaster CCTV’s military channel.

In July 2005, Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu boldly threatened the United States with a nuclear attack if it became embroiled in a conflict between China and Taiwan, with which the US has a mutual defense pact.

“If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition onto the target zone on China’s territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,” Chenghu told reporters. “We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian [in central China]. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds … of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese,” he added.

In January 2011, China changed its military policy to allow pre-emptive nuclear attacks on other countries.

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

Obama is pressing our military to agree to fire upon Americans who refuse to give up their arms.  I believe Obama is akin to a manchurian candidate although he is not suffering from some hypnotic suggestion, but rather is a plant by the communists who trained him.  You can read on this blog about Obama’s “real” father, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist of distinction and influence in various organizations in America.  Imagine the plans of our old communist enemies to bring America down from within by using our freedom of speech, press and infiltrating our educational and government systems.  Thus, they have sought to change how America thinks and what we support.   Please consider the words of Mac Slavo and Jim Garrow:

This is what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Will they shoot their fellow Americans?

Shock Claim: “The New Litmus Test Of Leadership In The Military Is If They Will Fire On US Citizens Or Not”

Mac Slavo
January 22nd, 2013
Comments (529)
Read by 30,126 people

Had the following comments been made on a fringe corner of the internet most would dismiss them as outright conjecture. However, what you are about to read comes from one of the world’s foremost philanthropists, Jim Garrow, who has spent tens of millions of dollars of his own money to help over 35,000 Chinese baby girls from near certain death under China’s one-child-per-couple policy.

He was one of the 206 nominees for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, which was ultimately awarded to President Barack Obama.

Garrow, who has friends in high places, including the U.S. military, made a startling claim on his Facebook page Sunday, which if true, should leave no doubt about why the Obama administration is moving full force to seize firearms from law abiding Americans and why the US government’s law enforcement and security assets have been making preparations for years in anticipation of social breakdown and widespread civil unrest.

According to Garrow, the Obama administration has been rapidly retiring or re-assigning US military leaders based on a new ‘litmus test’ of their loyalty:

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks.
“The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”.
Those who will not are being removed.
Dr. Jim Garrow – January 21, 2013

When pressed for the source of his information and asked why the senior military leader would not reveal his name, Garrow responded by saying, “I believe that the gentleman has done what he should and allowed all of us to sound the alarm.”
He revealed only that the man who shared this information, “is one of America’s foremost military heroes,” suggesting the source is a public figure.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars notes that this new ‘litmus test’ comes at a time when millions of Americans are already suspicious of the government’s motives behind a number of actions, including the most recent push to disarm the population:

Garrow’s claim is even more explosive given that the country is in the throes of a national debate about gun control, with gun rights advocates keen to insist that the founders put the second amendment in the Constitution primarily as a defense against government tyranny.
It also follows reports on Sunday that General James Mattis, head of the United States Central Command, “is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned.”

Would Jim Garrow put his reputation on the line by spreading a rumor or simply make this up to garner attention?

Or, is it possible that he does in fact have a high level military source who is privy to this information – someone who has himself been removed from his position because he didn’t pass the litmus test?
Should the Obama administration take Executive Actions against Americans in the event of a scenario where gun confiscation becomes reality or a collapse of our economic system leads to a complete meltdown of law and order on the streets of America, the administration would likely deploy military assets under martial law to subdue any uprisings or riots.
The only way this could be done is if military leaders are willing to command their subordinates to deploy against the American people and fire on them if necessary.
If Garrow’s claims are true, one can only shudder at the thought of what the end-game may be.

Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 30,126 people
Date: January 22nd, 2013
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.shtfplan.com. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

These two videos are very revealing and consider the recent war drums beating in China and North Korea.  Russia has been aligning with China for trade as well as carrying out military exercises with them.  Imagine if we were disarmed how easy it would be to attack us.  When we are put into an impossible situation we are much more likely to turn in a panic for any “safety rope” to avoid destruction. The problem is that it’s just a nice trap and we are being baited and set up / programmed to do what these globalists desire.

If your commanding officer orders you to break your vows to protect and defend America from enemies foreign and domestic and begin firing upon Americans defending their 2nd Amendment right it is YOUR DUTY to arrest that officer and keep your OATHS



Insider reveals the plan:

North Korea Threatens United States

With all the recent news of China flexing it’s military might in opposition to the only super power left, the United States, it should come as no shock that now North Korea is openly threatening the United States.

“We do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed with, are aimed at our arch-enemy the United States,” the commission said.

“Settling accounts with the US needs to be done with force, not with words,” it added in the statement, carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

It did not elaborate on the meaning of “high-level”. Some experts have predicted that the North’s next atomic test might be of a uranium bomb, rather than the plutonium devices it detonated on the two previous occasions.  Source

They are planning another test of a highly enriched uranium (HEU) rocket.  Much of this new posturing was spurred on by Tuesday’s U.N. vote to expand sanctions against Pyongyang in response to its long-range rocket launch last month.

North Korea vows to push on with strengthening defence

“We absolutely refute all the illegal and outlawed resolutions adopted by the Security Council,” the commission said.

Tuesday’s resolution, proposed by the United States, was adopted unanimously by the 15-nation council, including the North’s sole major ally China.

As well as adding a number of North Korea entities and individuals to an existing UN sanctions list, the resolution threatened “significant action” if the North stages a nuclear test.

North Korea’s foreign ministry reacted defiantly on Wednesday, when it also gave the first hint that Pyongyang would react with a nuclear test by vowing “physical actions” to boost its nuclear deterrent.  SOURCE

At what point to we take them seriously?  I say, “NOW”.  They are building up arms, nuclear material, expanding their military and beating war drums.  America is NOT too big to fail.  If China, Russia, N. Korea, and a sundry of Militant Jihadist groups were to attack us it would be devastating.  Russia promised decades ago to surprise attack us.  Russia is not reformed. It’s just gotten a face lift.

War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. But today we are too weak to strike. Our day will come in 30 – 40 years. But first we must lull the capitalist nations to sleep with the greatest overtures of peace and disarmament known throughout history. And then, when their guard is dropped, we will smash them with our clenched fist.” Dimitri Manuilski In a speech to the Lenin School for Political Warfare in Moscow in the 1930s.

Just because Americans have the patience of a two year old does not mean the rest of the world lacks it.  They said they hated us.  They say they want to destroy us.  They say, “Overwhelm their system from within and watch it crumble” and that is what has happened here.  The “Red Scare” was real for a reason.  They learned quickly that Americans are not afraid to fight.  We will gladly get in our ships, planes, and go to the battle field when we believe in any cause!  But, our Achilles heal has always been our very treasured freedoms and that is what they have used against us.  If you so choose, you can read, “American’s are playing a wargame and they don’t even know it!”

I am sharing current news that reflects that these evil soul stealing ideologies held by communists mean to keep their word.  If America’s politicians and leaders choose to ignore the war drums that are beating, they do so at great peril.  Do not look to God to save us.  As a nation, we have rejected God and His instructions.  At President Obama’s inauguration they left out “Under God” again.  One time might be an oversight, two times is a pattern.

God respects our wish and gives us free will.  It is we who choose whom we shall emulate, love and serve.  Lucifer will happily take over and lead us straight to a myopic, soulless, loveless world.  With all that said, I am not without hope, for there has always been a remnant who loves God.  We will see the truth plainly very soon, and there will be no more debates about if there is a God or if Lucifer exists.  There will be no debate about who Yeshua the Messiah really is anymore.  The prophecies are there, the facts back up the truth of God’s word, and events are falling into place just as predicted.  We will fall into a terrible marriage with the prideful and arrogant Lucifer and his servants are helping that come about now.  My hope and joy is that I know we will be set free by the truth, and we will have a glorious Day of the Lord to truly love one another under God with liberty and justice for all.


Globalists are Destroying Our Health and Killing Us

Few enjoy negative news and those who do we generally think take a certain pleasure in evil.  Looking into the ugly truth whether it’s staring at you in the mirror or is being shown to us in various forms like youtube videos, documentaries, citizen journalists or alternative news sources is one of the bravest things we can do.  We are willing to face reality regardless of the ridicule many truth seekers face.  The cost of ignorance is vast.  Imagine before we discovered bacteria that doctors used to operate on us with bowls of water they did not rinse, instruments they did not sterilize, and bled us with leeches as a cure for nearly any ailment!  Someone looked more deeply and discovered the truth of bacteria, and shouted it.  Imagine how they were received at first.  Or, think about Galileo saying the earth revolved around the sun and was round.  He got locked up for that heresy.  It did not fit the emotional programming set up by some ignorant men in the church.  (here Canadian accent) “Galileo, the earth is flat dontcha know?”

We know from recorded statements, books, and other documents that there is a portion of the globalist community that believes the earth is vastly over populated.  They have thought of how to “cull the herd” as they call it.  Their preferred methods are slow kills (vaccines, cancer, pandemics caused by viruses), starvation, war, and abortion.  I am going to post 3 videos which spell out how we are being killed.  It’s all available legal documents and released government data.

I am offering you the Red Pill or the Blue Pill of ignorance which is that little “X” button at the top right of this page.  I will never put out information that I have not investigated thoroughly, and in fact I have been researching this topic of health, vaccines, cancer since 1992 when I was pregnant with my first child.  These videos tell us the truth of our situation.  You have to ask where to we go from here.  In order to solve any problem you have to know what it is.  You have to know how vast it is thus you must be able to measure it.  Then and only then can you make a clear decision of what to do for yourself and as more become aware, to change this situation.  For me, it comes down to nutrition and what drugs I put in my body.

I have hypothyroidism.  It is pretty severe and I have struggled with the side effects of it since my first pregnancy when my thyroid mysteriously shut down.  I take a drug to literally not go into a coma and help my other glands work.  I have struggled with weight gain because of it as my metabolism is almost non-existent.  I have recently started a new change in nutrition and it’s been amazing.  I believe it all comes down to nutrition, but I could never feed a family of 6 a pure organic menu.  I cook from scratch, but I recently began a new system which is giving my body all the real nutrition it needs and the results have been amazing.  I have lost 10 pounds in the first week, and while that is great, I want to trim back to say 2 or 3 pounds a week.  I feel very good, have plenty of energy, and actually am looking forward to the future.  If you are needing help send me a message to Christina__w@hotmail.com and I will tell you what I am doing.  I actually had to get on a friends scale to check the results.  I will be adding a few supplements to counteract the viruses put in my body by the vaccines I had to take in order to move overseas to the Middle East.  Without further adieu here are these videos.  Do not become a victim.

Take control of YOUR life, YOUR environment, and HELP others do the same.  We are not helpless, and can fight back to regain our future and that of our children’s.

These are Real Doctors and True Warriors for Truth Helping Us



Asian Dialect heard at Sandy Hook

It sounds like this man is speaking some Asian dialect.  Please listen and if you understand one of those dialects help translate what he is saying.  Why would he be there? If he is a foreign correspondent then how did he get their so quickly.

I have blogged recently about China boldly speaking of going to war and not being afraid of America.  Could this push for gun control be backed the the globalists who plan to use China against America and they want us disarmed to make us more compliant?  Sandy Hook is a hoax.  If you have not watched the footage, listened to professional law enforcement debunking Sandy Hook and are offended by anyone claiming it is a hoax, then you are going on emotion alone.  Ridiculing others insights and views without doing your own investigation is the height of ignorance.


Sandy Hook Facts & Problems

This interview raises some really good questions about the actual shooting event, facts about people involved in this story from family, shooter, shooter’s mother, brother, school nurse who is not licensed in that state, that the weapons Lanza’s mother supposedly registered are illegal in that state so how did she legally register them?  How does a 130 pound weakling carry 100 pounds of gear, kick in a security door supposedly shooting it to get in, and yet when the police got on scene they admit the door was in tact and they busted it open?

Listen to this interview if you are willing to not just believe what the major media says.  It is going to leave you uncomfortable and wondering what in the “hell is going on in America”.  The guest on the radio program is Mike Powers.  He is a former US Naval Law enforcement and US Army Veteran who talks with the host about the glaring Sandy Hook inconsistencies.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS INTERVIEW.

Let’s give you a quick overview of Mike Powers bio:

Mike Powers is a US Naval Law Enforcement and US Army Infantry veteran. Powers has 15 years experience in federal service, specialized search and rescue, 10 years professionally instructing wilderness survival and personal defense theory.

10 years as a firearms and tactic instructor, having worked with private citizens as well as public service elements and a consultant in protective security detail. He has been on several security teams for celebrities and military officials.  SOURCE

I highly suggest you share this with others via facebook, twitter, email, and there are links at the bottom.  Americans especially need to hear the facts.

Sandy Hook Investigation – 30 questions:

  1.  What was Christopher A. Rodia‘s car doing at the scene?
  2.  Why was it reported as Nancy Lanza’s car to begin with? (Actually the warrant states that it was a relatives car)
  3.  Why was a weapon in the trunk?
  4.  Why did the media and cops LIE and say that Adam had that car?
  5.  Why was the Canadian sub teacher’s car the ONLY one in the parking lot that was shot up?
  6.  Why did media and the cops LIE and say that Nancy was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary when she NEVER WAS?
  7.  What happened to all of the other people arrested?
  8.  What happened to the reddish purple van with the windows shot out?
  9. Were the parents allowed to see the bodies?
  10. How come we’ve not seen so much as ONE crime scene photo when the media loves NOTHING more than to constantly show us evil’s face?
  11. Why do they keep claiming that the AR15 was in the school when SEVERAL cops reported ALL MORNING that it was FOUND in the BACK SEAT of the car?
  12. How many guns DID little Adam manage to carry around with him? With all that weight, how was he able to remain mobile and dynamic?
  13. Why do Peter and Nancy Lanza only show Ryan on Spokeo as a son?
  14. Why or how was Adam in possession of Ryan’s ID when they’d not seen one another since 2010?
  15. How was Probable Cause established to search the mom’s home when RYAN was the primary suspect all day? The WARRANT was searched on Nancy’s home less than 1.5 hours after the first police dispatch?
  16. Why did the media report Peter Lanza as having been found dead in NYC? ALL….DAY….LONG?
  17. What is Rodia’s connection to all of this? Or his 19yr old niece?
  18. How did Adam get to the school? And WHY? What made him select Sandy Hook Elementary as his target?
  19. Is it not odd that the sub teacher’s body was also not allowed to be seen, and her car was the ONLY one shot up?
  20. Why was her classroom the one with all the victims?
  21. What was up with the Robbie  Parker Interview?
  22. What was up with Dr.Carver, and his interview?
  23. He’s seen THOUSANDS of people shot? WHERE?
  24. What did the Medical Examiner Carver mean by “you can control a situation with the right photographer”?
  25. Why does the name J Paul Vance show up as both a CT State Police Lt AND the Commissioner to which the 100M lawsuit was filed to? Would that not constitute a conflict of interest?
  26. Why is now the Mother of one of the pic’s  victims coming out saying that her daughter is ALIVE AND WELL?
  27. What was with the Eugene Rosen interviews? Changed statements and stating he was a “psychologist”? Not with only 2yrs of college.
  28. Why were all of the fire trucks BLOCKED IN and BACKED UP to the school?
  29. Who IS Roy Low, and how is he SO informed as to appear in three interviews?
  30. Why would cops place a SUSPECT – in cuffs – in the FRONT SEAT of a police car during an ACTIVE SHOOTER event that is NOT yet over?

China Prepares for War as US Declines in Power

I have been blogging about this for weeks.  The Chinese are up to something. They are hording 4 times the normal amount of rice and powdered milk.  They are buying as much gold, silver and metals as they can.  They have been buying up mineral rights and resources for several years, and now they are actually talking about war.

As the United States is in a practical economic free fall at home and fighting a nebulous enemy called terrorism we are bleeding ourselves dry.  Nature abhors a vacuum and when America has to pull back and she will, China will step in as the world super power, and it won’t be benevolent.  America has played money control games worldwide and been the worlds / United Nations police force for over a half a century.  We have paid 80% plus of the United Nations programs, and it’s never enough.  We need to send more money to undeveloped countries all while our enemies vote against us over and over in the U.N..  China has watched and assisted in our downfall.  They gladly took over manufacturing of household goods.  They bought our scrap metal and returned it to us as washer and dryers, televisions, cars, guns, you name it.  They use slave labor and Americans have no jobs but burger flipping ones or government support service jobs.  This is all by design my friends.  Don’t hate the Chinese, it’s the globalists like the Rockerfellers, Morgans, Oppenheimers, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet et al  who are behind this.  They are part of a very elite group who believe they have a divine right to rule.  I kid you not about that.  It’s from their own writings, and if you have not read them, then you really do not know the facts.

Jesus / Yeshua revealed who they were. They killed him for it. He threw them out of the temple, and boldly told the Jews that these were imposters. Just look up my study on Kenites on this blog. They infiltrated Israel, complete the negative side of prophecy and claim to be Jews. The real Judah gets all the blame.

They even believe that if they tell us ahead of time that they will avoid negative karma and if we choose not to stop them then we deserve what we get.  They call us useful idiots, beasts, monsters, sheep, and cows.  I am not making this up. They put their plans in black and white papers to read, hide it in music videos and media.  They worship a god we know as Lucifer whom they say is the “light bearer”.  His symbol is the All Seeing Eye of Ra, and you see it everywhere.  It’s also seen in the imagery of Columbia pictures bearing the torch which is what our Statue of Liberty is created from, the goddess Columbia.  It is why our Capital is called District of Columbia.  None of this is a mistake.  This group of people do have a bloodline.  It’s kind of funny because you hear about it.  You see reports about how all the Presidents are related to one another and the royalty of Europe which is known as the Black Nobility.  It’s not about race, but a title.  These are the dragon kings.  I am not making this up, research it all.  Research “Club of Rome”, “Bilderburgers”, “Black Nobility”, RCIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and see who these people are in reality.  Their roots go back centuries to ancient kings and emperors of old.  They do the same thing in every civilization. It’s all about consolidating power.  It’s hard to manage 100,000 religious systems and eons ago every tribe had their individual systems.  These people overthrew regions and consolidated power and controlled information, commerce, education and spirituality.  That system could only go so far and then they would tear it down and in that chaos bring order again and consolidate the people again.  They build up the Greek Golden Age, The Roman Empire, the European control, and then finally the Western Control.  Each time they gained more land control and thought control.

Columbia 7 Columbia 6 Columbia 5 columbia 3 Columbia 2 columbia 1

Now, they are ready to move for a final unified world where there is one government, one kind of money, one King, and one Prophet.  It will be a modern zoo where we the beasts who are to serve them are not supposed to recognize our new prison / zoo.  They must bring in total chaos to do this.  It is much as a landlord will stop taking care of a property he wants to destroy but the residents don’t want to leave. He has to make is uncomfortable enough to get them out, and some he might have to just remove forcefully.  He has a brand new place all ready to go, but it has more controls and will seem better until you realize you are a slave.  This is what we are seeing now.  China will rise, America will decline, and we will see the world go into immense chaos more so than we have ever seen in the past.  Jesus told us that it would cause mens hearts to fail, that we would see wars increasing and disasters increasing, but the end is not yet.  That when we hear peace peace peace, know that sudden destruction has come and that is when to start looking for his return.  The truth is, the light bearer Lucifer is not coming in as a killer, but a redeemer when we are without hope.  The world will run to him and see him as a savior.  They will have their one world government, and if you believe in him, help him, work for him, you are a harlot and following the wrong king.  He is the ruler of Babylon (confusion).  He is the promoter of chaos to bring order.  His system works. Sew division, work from the inside and blame them for what he does.  He did it in the first earth age as Peter speaks of the age that was, the age that is (present) and the age that is to come (Millennial kingdom).  Lucifer knows this system works and we are about to see it get started again.

World View: China Prepares the People’s Liberation Army for War

by John J. Xenakis 19 Jan 2013

This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com

  • China’s directive to the People’s Liberation Army: Get Ready for War
  • China steps up nationalistic war-like rhetoric
  • China’s historic mistake
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China’s directive to the People’s Liberation Army: Get Ready for War

China's DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile

China’s General Staff Headquarters issued a harsh directive on Wednesday to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war:

In 2013, the goal set for the entire army and the People’s Armed Police force is to bolster their capabilities to fight and their ability to win a war… to be well-prepared for a war by subjecting the army to hard and rigorous training on an actual combat basis.

Although past directives have directed soldiers to be prepared in case of war, this year’s directive, for the first time, uses the Chinese word “dazhang,” which means “fighting war,” and uses it 10 times in the 1000 word directive.

Last month, China announced plans to board and seize foreign ships in the South China Sea, starting in 2013, and has been conducting naval drills with warships in preparation.

While the official directive does not mention Japan, various commentaries makes clear that Japan is the would-be adversary. VOA, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)China Military Online (Beijing), and People’s Daily Online / Military (Beijing)

China steps up nationalistic war-like rhetoric

China’s military budget has been increasing exponentially for years, as I and others have reported, and this year it’s finally paying off: China’s military is deploying a large number of new warships, tanks, missiles, submarines, and strike aircraft, much of it in preparation for potential full-scale war with the United States.

These weapons include hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of mobile, nuclear ballistic missiles targeting American cities and newly developed missiles capable of striking and disabling American aircraft carriers. For the first time in its modern history, China has the firepower to contest control of disputed territory far from its coastal waters.

Flush with pride and confidence, senior officers in China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are using increasingly hawkish and nationalistic rhetoric when discussing issues related to Japan or the United States. Some of these officers call for “short, sharp wars” to assert China’s sovereignty, or to “strike first,” “prepare for conflict,” or “kill a chicken to scare the monkeys.”

The United States has mutual defense treaties with Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and a number of other countries. The purpose of those treaties, signed after WW II, was to discourage anyone from starting a new war, since anyone fighting a war with one of these countries would automatically have a war with the United States as well.

Dai Xu, a Chinese Air Force Colonel, is arguing for a short, decisive war with one of China’s neighbors–Vietnam, the Philippines, or Japan–in order to establish sovereignty over the Pacific region without risking war with the United States. This is the “kill a chicken to scare the monkeys” philosophy. According to this theory, America will NOT honor its mutual defense agreements with any of these countries, because the U.S. will not want to risk having its cities destroyed by Chinese ballistic missiles. He points to China’s 1962 border clash with India, which China won decisively, leading to decades of peace.

Since we have decided that the U.S. is bluffing in the East China Sea, we should take this opportunity to respond to these empty provocations with something real.

This includes Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan, who are the three running dogs of the United States in Asia. We only need to kill one, and it will immediately bring the others to heel.

As one Chinese analyst put it, the Americans will “run like rabbits.” Another one said, “If there is a clash in the South China Sea, the possibility that foreign countries would intervene is low, and any conflict would not last long.” Defense News (Washington) and Reuters

China’s historic mistake

Anyone who understands even a little generational theory can quickly understand that China is making a historic mistake that will be a disaster for everyone.

China’s 1962 border clash with India did not lead to a wider war because the countries were in a generational Awakening era; with both countries being run by survivors of World War II and, respectively, Mao’s Communist Revolution civil war and the bloody Hindu/Muslim war that followed Partition. Each of these wars were extremely brutal, creating tens or hundreds of thousands of casualties and refugees, and no one who survived either of those wars would ever allow it to happen again.

Today, China, India, and America are in generational Crisis eras. The survivors of World War II are all gone. Today’s leaders have had an easy life, where their worst crisis was a sex scandal. They have no personal memory of the horrors of WW II, and the Gen-Xers think that any older generation who even talks about it is completely full of crap.

The Chinese, as well as many Americans, believe that President Obama would not strike back if China launched one of these “short, sharp wars” against one of its neighbors. Obama, according to this view, would be like Neville Chamberlain after Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia.

This view overlooks the extreme nationalism of a generational Crisis era. President Obama would not have any choice if Congress declared war, which might happen within hours of any Chinese attack.

This view also overlooks the hard lesson that came out of the Neville Chamberlain episode. Britain excused Germany’s attack on Czechoslovakia, but also warned that any further aggression would lead to war. So Obama may have his Neville Chamberlain moment, but it would only delay war.

China today is giddy with military power to the point of mass hysteria and extremely overconfident. They’re ready for war, and they’re anxious to go to war. They have a military strategy of attacking America’s weak points that they believe will lead them to a quick victory, because America won’t risk having its cities attacked.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Generational Dynamics predicts that when China makes its move, and that day seems very close, then the war won’t end until every nuclear weapon on all sides has been launched against some enemy’s targets. By the end of the war, there could be some 3 billion deaths, leaving 4 billion of so survivors to carry on and try to rebuild the world.