Rosen – Theatrical Actor – Is CEO For CTV21, Cable Advisory Council Newton

The ability of citizen journalists to dig up information makes me very proud to know we won’t give up until we get the truth about Sandy Hook and other false flag events.  Now, we are getting more proof about the actors who are pulling off the biggest lie in American history to wit they want to ban our guns to keep this from happening again…. Again HELL… it didn’t happen as far as I can tell in the first place.  Watch this video.  There are others as well that show the incredible lack of real emotion showing on these parents faces whose children were supposedly just killed.

I can tell you right now that if my children were just killed, I would not be a fit sight on any television and I wouldn’t give a damn about my clothes or hair. I would be wailing and crying at the very mention of my child.  This lie makes me sick and angry.  It’s time we call them out on their bullshit.


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