Vote Fraud Proven AGAIN!

I am so sick of reporting these facts year after year, and nothing is done because the people don’t care.  We will never have a fair election with this current system.  Vote fraud happens every year from the rigging of the machines to having illegals voting, dead people voting, multiple times voting and it’s the ruination of America.

This happens first in the primary season because the establishment cannot let a true “darkhorse” such as Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul be in the main election.  This video shows how the primary season was a fraud. You conservatives need to wake up and realize, you are not ever going to get YOUR man in the main election:


3 comments on “Vote Fraud Proven AGAIN!

  1. This is why I am for requiring a photo ID before allowing anyone to vote. Here in Oregon when you go to get a driver’s license you must provide a birth certificate or some similar government issued document or you don’t get a license. Of course, the powers that really run things don’t want to address this issue for two reasons. First, it would eliminate the voter fraud that they rely on to keep the American socialists (Democrats) in power. And second, I believe that this is one of the very problems (along with identity theft) that they will use to sell us the idea of the government micro-chipping us; I can almost hear the ads now, “just a quick scan and your identity will stay secure”. But we all know what that will be – the Mark of the Beast. We are fighting a losing battle and it seems like we are running out of bullets. God help us…

    • I do not long to see what is coming for it will be terrible, but I also am eager to move on and have the truth be known without doubt by any soul. We cannot stop what is coming in the grand plan, but we will not like it either. It’s time to form up our houses, band together and live like the first church…. common property and without fear but showing love to all and trusting God to protect us and provide. The temptation will truly be seeking help from the beast system, and we cannot do that.

      • Absolutely in agreement with you. We will be put in the position of having to rely on ourselves and each other, and trust in our Lord like we never have had to. And yes, going back to living as the first church did is the way to go. Blessings!

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