Jordan Maxwell: revealed and accused of being a fraud

If you have read my posts about astrotheology or the page I created  which you can read by clicking the “God’s Mazzaroth vs. Astrotheology”, then you will know that I believe Jordan Maxwell is a fraud, and while I may not have said it, I have prayed more proof would come forward about the lies being told to those waking up who are seeking truth.  I see so many get suckered into these would be guru’s like Maxwell and others who push this New One World Religion based on astrotheology and old Babylonian belief systems they repackage today to seem like we are all about to ascend come December 21, 2012.  Some are realizing this date might not be what they have been selling for years, so now you will start hearing about 2016 or 2018 as they try to bait people into buying their stories.

The money train will come to a screeching halt after December when we don’t wake up in a new special and beautiful dimension… the fifth dimension.  What will all these Christian hating new age sycophants do when they are no different come January?  Well, God heard my prayers for the truth to start coming out, and it seems Jordan Maxwell victim extraordinaire who is always being taken advantage of by others who “steal his research” and make money off of him has been exposed!

It appears Jordan’s website is owned by another, and this person has come to the wise understanding that ol’ Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell is not who he claims to be, and has put up a very damaging declaration and accusatory webpage on what used to be Jordan Maxwell’s page:

Jordan Maxwell Title

I shall quote only a few parts, but I encourage you to read the whole page and listen to the interviews if you once trusted Maxwell as I did, and I must say a lot of his information about the elite is true, it’s just his real goal of damaging Christianity and making it seem to be a fairy tale was his real mission.  At any rate, these are a few of the comments on the site:

In this article, I will elucidate and prove 3 things.

1. Russell J. Pine [HIS LEGAL BIRTH NAME] A.K.A. (Jordan Maxwell) has criminally undermined former associates on numerous occasions; past and present.

2. Russell J. Pine has incessantly lied about his past work life, and the relationships he has had with the very people that made and helped “Jordan Maxwell”.

3. I will shed light on Russell’s false claims that someone ‘stole’ his website and work, and the truth behind the tale you didn’t hear.

Buckle up, it’s about to get bumpy!

In The Beginning . . .

Born Russell J. Pine, ‘Jordan Maxwell’ admits to criminally defrauding Stewart Rubenstein – The Man who Made ‘Jordan Maxwell’ Famous & The Producer of The Naked Truth Series.

Contrary to what most believe to be a ‘life long crusade for seeking truth’, Russell Joseph Pine, better known as Jordan Maxwell, DID NOT start ‘researching’ anything until the early 1990’s; and in most cases his “research” has been discovered to be direct plagiarisms of the late and great Manly Palmer Hall.

It was in the mid 1980’s when Russell J. Pine, a then devoted and notable member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, decided to leave the sect upon decades of loyalty and membership, after being inspired by the lectures of Manly Palmer Hall (M.P.H.). It was around that time that Russell decided to leave The Witnesses to pursue a life of fame as an “Occult Master”.

While Russell may have shaken hands with M.P.H. once or twice in his life, never did Russell and Manly have more than a guest-speaker relationship. No “dowry” or “books” of any kind did M.P.H. leave Russell as Russell has claimed so many times. In one meeting we had with Russell, he stated that by making this claim, it established him (Russell) to have a ‘predecessor relationship’ to the great M.P.H., thereby giving him the appearance of an Authority on Occult Wisdom.

Visit Philosophical Research Society and ask Obadiah Harris, current president of PRS & former owner of M.P.H.’s work, what they know about Russell Pine or “Jordan Maxwell” . . . you’ll be shocked!……

Further down, we learn:

Third Time’s a Charm

Years after Russell’s biggest scam to date in 2004, which resulted in him getting a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Judgment, ( FTC JUDGEMENT – CLICK HERE ), I met him without any prior knowledge about him as a individual or a ‘researcher’ in late 2009. Upon some of our first meetings, and well into our first year of knowing each other, I got the same sob story ol’ Russ divulges to everyone, and I quote only a few of the sermons Russ regularly preached to me:

“I always get fucked over”

“Everyone takes advantage of me”

“I have sacrificed my whole life for my work”

“I have been attacked my whole life because of my work”

“Everbody always makes money off of me” (when records show the exact opposite).

“I have been lied to”

“I have been cheated”


If you know Jordan, then you’ve surely heard him say these phrases.

Well, because I didn’t know the real Jordan Maxwell at the time, I invested somewhere in the nature of $20,000 to $30,000 into him over a 4-6 month period, from late 2009 to early 2010. Some of the expenses included giving ol’ Russ a place to live, food, gas for his car, phone, internet, etc., until I offered him to come live with me, which he ultimately did. In retrospect, this seems to be a reoccurring pattern for Russell.

Happier Days – Jordan and Me at The Pickwick Gardens Event hosted by George Noory
where Jordan personally thanks me & my family for rescuing his work and life in front
of an audience of hundreds – February 7th, 2010.

On March 30th, 2010, Russell Pine (Jordan Maxwell) sold all past, present and future Intellectual Properties and products of “Jordan Maxwell”, including, but not limited to, .org, .net, .info to me, in front of a notarizing witness in Calabasas, California. If you wish to see that Agreement, ask Russell. He has a copy of the Agreement, and to my understanding, so do a few of his co-conspirators, which we’ll get into in a minute.

From Good To Not So Good . . .

Almost one year after signing the Agreement in early 2011, Russell proposed a great idea to me where he excitedly started off by saying, “Joe, we can make a lot of money!”. He began to tell me about a long-time associate he knew that could take “Jordan Maxwell”, and therefore sales, to the next level. Jordan kept repeating how everyone can make a lot of money through this guy. Can you guess who ol’ Russ introduced me to? That’s right! – The one… the only… Lennart Martinson.

After a few weeks of Russell buttering me up about how great Martinson was and how many products he had sold in the past, I finally met up with Martinson in person at Jerry’s Deli in early February of 2011. After some personal meetings and email correspondences (which I still have), Martinson eventually sent me a “Proposed Agreement” that would have to be signed before we could move forward with the new Jordan Maxwell campaign that would “take Jordan Maxwell to the next level”.

After reading it, I was awed, confused and taken aback.

In one instance, the Proposed Agreement sent by Martinson actually required me to nullify, or rather terminate, any and all existing contracts with ‘Jordan Maxwell’.

Having Deja Vu? You should, because this is exactly the same con Jordan, Mayberry and Martinson pulled on poor Stewart Rubenstein back in the early 1990’s (mentioned above). If you haven’t watched that video, you need to now. – CLICK HERE

Because of the ludicrous suggestion mentioned in the Proposed Agreement, I couldn’t help become suspicious – highly suspicious. I gracefully declined the entire offer, and began to question Jordan on where he knew Martinson from, and how long they knew each other.

The whole thing felt so unsettling that we conducted a background search on Lennart Martinson, where we discovered many things about Martinson, and more importantly, about ol’ Russ himself.

Suspicion Confirmed

Though I had no proof of any wrong doing at the time, my intuition started and kept buzzing to be cautious – and so I was. I began to think of hypothetical ‘what if’ scenarios where maybe Russell wasn’t being completely honest with me about himself, his associates or his past. After all, if ‘Jordan Maxwell’ was so famous and so ‘in-demand’ as he often preached to me, why am I, a then 26 year old Joe from Woodland Hills, supporting this guy, giving him a place to live, feeding him, giving him money, helping him with his car, etc.?

The inevitable conclusion that I came to was; let’s not make any hasty judgments, but be cautious . . . very cautious.

About a week later, and seemingly by complete accident, I was on the phone with the tech-support of my web-hosting company, and the technician had informed me that someone has gone into my control panel and changed all of the ‘WhoIs’ contact information on all of my website domains. Confused, I stayed on the phone with the technician and verified what he told me to be true, which it was, so I immediately changed the ‘WhoIs’ info back to its legal owner, me.

I began to think, “who has my login information that could have done this?” I distinctly remembered that at NO TIME was Jordan’s contact info along with his Tarzana Address EVER on my web hosting account, as it had been changed to; because the account was established long before I had ever met Jordan.

Knowing that Jordan was the only other person that had the login info, I knew the changes had to have come from him somehow; and as the technician stated, the change happened about one week prior – exactly around the time I declined the Proposed Agreement by Martinson.

Now, I knew there was a problem, because my suspicions had been confirmed. Jordan saw that the ‘Proposed Agreement’ designed to con me out of our Agreement wasn’t going to fly, so Jordan simply planned to steal my property by claiming that his contact info was on the ‘WhoIs’ contact page on my web hosting account, and therefore his property.

The Falling Out – What Happened?
Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and feel free to post and share this article wherever you find appropriate.- Joe Dolezal

Go to the website to find out the rest, download the files,interviews, and read the details I have not shared here.
Read my study on the real truth about the stars vs what astrotheology teaches.
remember to follow this blog and share the information on fb, twitter etc so we can get the truth out to more people and help them not stumble as they wake up!
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15 comments on “Jordan Maxwell: revealed and accused of being a fraud

  1. Hello, Jordan I’m not sure” if you are to remember me” I picked you up from Brunswick heads Australia last year” I assume that Mr Cheney directed you to my presence” And that the answer’s you were to ask of me” sadly wasn’t available at that time” I’m clear on most topic’s relating to the truth” Roman Law” would you please get back to me” at Thankyou.

    • Jordan Maxwell is a liar and stole most of his information. He became popular in the 90’s. Show one thing that I said or that was revealed of his statements proving he is no linguist that is wrong. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

      • Kind of odd, it threw my world into a spin! I asked him to do a telephone interview on all his favorite topics, including his opinion on the Lisbon Treaty. This is what he told me : From: “Jordan Maxwell”
        To: “Kevin-George Gray”
        Subject: Re:
        Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 20:28:05 -0700

        Kevin, Jordan Maxwell. I am not interested in any of the subjects that
        you were talking about. I don’t really care about any of those subjects
        any more. And I don’t want to waste my time talking about stuff, I have
        been talking about for 48 years. It’s way too late for talking anymore.
        It’s a waste of time, to even think about it. My advice is don’t spend
        any more time trying to talk to anybody about any of that stuff. It’s way
        too late, so forget all of it. Go get a job and read and educate
        yourself. Forget talking to others…..IT’S WAY TOO LATE. You need to
        listen to me !! Drop it !!
        Jordan Maxwell

        When he sent me this reply I knew he has a big Exposé in San Fran in a couple of months. It was this email that tuned me into finding out the “real” truth. Jordan is a shill. In my email I was very honest with him and that is what they don’t need in the Conspiracy world, honesty. I am indebted to him for putting me on the right track. If it wasn’t for his email I would not have rethought everything I thought I knew.

      • hello Kevin, I appreciate your comments. Jordon Maxwell, David Icke and other well known sorts on the conspiracy circuit have an agenda. They push a new religion all while blasting Christianity and say, “I’m not here to tell you what to think” and then spend 3 hours indoctrinating you into their drug induced vision and ascension propaganda about we are all one, and opening up to this “new” energy. It’s not new, it’s not just energy, and the end result is lost faith, spiritual progress, and unity. They are the new age prophets making huge profits on their books and conferences. They don’t do interviews with anyone who will challenge their viewpoints. I have been thrown off of many forums including Project Avalon without so much as a reason given. You have to study, investigate, and ask yourself if they are honest. If you find falsehood and they do not clear it up, then tap the dust and move on. I do wish you well.

  2. Hello again, I agree with you. And thank you, but, that was many moons ago. I have Jordan to thank for that email as he set me on a course of true research. It was very easy, you just have to study everything they tell you is bad, eg, Christianity and History. The thing about Jordans response is I am actually college and university educated and at the time I wrote to him I was sitting in my own office of my own successful business. I dedicated the profits from my business to burning off DVDs and sending them all over the UK and Ireland by picking names out of phone books. In hindsight, alarm bells should go off when David Icke tells you to forget everything you have ever been taught or thought you knew, including common sense; which sadly I did, tut tut.

    • Don’t feel badly. We have all been duped. I got saved in 1987, and loved my spirit filled Lutheran church. They believe in the rapture, speaking in tongues, and being slain in the spirit. As a baby in the Lord and word, I had nothing to fall back on to know their errors. I still love all of them dearly though it’s been almost 3 decades since I was back there. I chose to study the word. I choose to believe it even if I don’t “get it” right away. I am not afraid to examine topics that conflict with my present understanding and apparently you are not either. The key word there is “afraid”, and sadly most people live in fear. They are not sure of their salvation and they are not sure of the word. I know God will show me all things in the right time. You are of great spirit and energy to help others, and you know that small voice inside you enough to listen to it. You will go far I am sure!

      • Ha, that was the worst thing, coming to terms with the fact you have been duped. As for me being saved, I don’t actually think I am yet. I was saved in 1990, but rejected it within a year of being saved because of something personal that had happened. I became an atheist/evolutionist and forsook God. This is where I have to thank Russel for his email. It sent me on the right road, the road of Viritas. I believe in Christ, that he died and rose. I believe in God Almighty and that he made a new covenant with man by the death of his Son. I don’t have or read the bible, I have no Christian friends, as in active Christians. There is something holding me back, maybe the fear I will go as crazy as I did in 1990, I do not know. But, my heart is with Jesus and I am on my way to him and I think he knows it. He knows the guilt I feel for abandoning his love for the perils of atheism. Sometimes my heart just swells so much, my eyes over flow, I know he is calling. Although I do not read scripture or attend church, I think I would die for my beliefs. So, I have no idea if I am actually a Christian or someone who believes in and adheres to, Christ and Christian beliefs. I must thank you for your nice reply by the way.

      • What a breath of fresh air and honesty as I read your words Caoimhin. Here’s the gospel in it’s purest and most simple point. We are all sinners. We cannot cleanse ourselves from our sins, but God in his love for us has made a way to be clean, and know we are in right relationship again with Him. Yeshua/ Jesus, came and took our place in suffering for sins. Messiah’s blood atoned for our sins, and all we have to do is believe in him, ask him to be our Lord and Savior, to dwell within us in our new heart! That’s it. It sounds too simple, but if someone does this, they are saved! If it is sincere and an honest heartfelt prayer then we will reflect the love of God that is within to those around us. We will not be perfect, but I can not lose my salvation. I repent of my sins daily as I am convicted in my heart of them. I am forgiven moment by moment, and when I call out to God for forgiveness it is the blood of Messiah that bought that forgiveness for me. You know things I will never be able to because of your road to salvation. I was never an atheist or evolutionist. That is not part of my testimony. You are used I am sure to reach people I could not because you understand them, and speak their language. It’s a pleasure to get to know you, and I pray you are blessed to know that if you have prayed that simple prayer of belief and confessed Yeshua as your Lord and Savior that you are saved. There is no other peace that can pass this knowing within. We are sons and daughters of the creator of the Universe who loved us enough to take our place in punishment. What could we ever be sad about when we have this knowledge. It’s like winning the lottery every day. You are a kings child, and as such have a high calling in Messiah Yeshua’s service!

  3. I don’t buy any of this. Jordan Maxwell is a genuine scholar and a truth seeker. A hero to all those who have heard him and met him over the years. He is the real thing and has been privy to incredible knowledge. He was duped and misrepresented by the individual’s article you reposted (his old webmaster), who clearly plagiarized Jordan in all his YouTube videos, and has tried to become the “new Jordan”. Eventually karma catches up to everyone. This guy also stole Jordan’s website and all his materials from what I am reading here. I don’t know how this story, or the guy bragging about doing this to Jordan, helps make your religious beliefs more correct, or Jordan wrong for that matter, but it sounds very petty to make this on the grounds that you disagree with his research/philosophies.

    The individual mentioned in the article (Joe) may have invested some money into Jordan at the time, but really he was trying to take advantage of Jordan, who allowed him to be a webmaster, teamed up with him, and taught him, and now he is being cruel. What I am seeing is that you are only posting one side of the story. Jordan is 74 years old, with 54 years of research (since 1959), and this guy was a 26 year old (his own admission in the article). The very same thing that he accuses Jordan of doing to the great Manly P. Hall’s work, which is taken completely out of context, and is absolutely untrue, is what he now doing to Jordan.

    By the way, the kind of stuff that Jordan speaks about just doesn’t come from books, you have to live it, interview people, and walk the walk. This post is straight bullshit. Jordan is 100% the real thing and an incredible source of information and enlightenment. The guy has traveled around the world, including older videos where he is in Egypt, and been in the company of royalty, who have told him stuff. How can you fake that? His retention of knowledge alone is legendary.

    This post is an ad hominem attack inspired by ideological differences, which praises some asshole who is trying to portray Jordan negatively. I guarantee you that Jordan has done more for research, education, and teaching than anything this blog will ever do for humanity.

    I wish you well in your religious superiority and the gloating of others misfortunes. “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;” – Proverbs 24:17

    • Oh come on! Jordan Maxwell is a Helen Blavatsky adept who worships at the alter of astro theology. His so called scholarship of linking the OT scriptures to sun worship because Solomon is broken down to Sol Om On and that is linked to some other Egyptian sun god worship is ridiculous! That wasn’t even the guys name for God’s sake! His real name was SHLOMO! Let’s see you defend this bunch of tripe and that is just one example of Jordan Maxwell’s so called scholarly work. There is so much more and yet it keeps getting deleted from youtube, I wonder why. Jordan Maxwell does speak truth on some levels regarding secret societies, but the problem is that just like David Icke, he has to go all weirdo occult worshipping astro theologian on his talks.

      I think my piece is way more than an “ad hominem” attack. It’s clear, points out his vast errors in biblical exegesis and eschatology. He is a buffoon in matters of a spiritual nature, and the lawsuits were very much matter of fact truth. You can love him all you want, but you can’t possibly expect any clear minded thinker to give him two seconds of consideration on matters of a spiritual nature. I challenge you to explain away this information:

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