Turning Fear into Peace

I just watched this movie trailer.  It’s beyond scary and most would just say, “Fear Porn” but is it true? Could it be what is planned to bring in the NWO Utopia? Remember, the caretakers need us to be so miserable that we will yearn and cry for peace.  That means we must go through a time of terrible war and suffering.  So, is this what they have in mind for us?  If it is, can we avoid it?

Scared yet?  Were we warned?  HAVE YOU LISTENED? WHO IS DOING THIS?

Have you noticed any politicians promising to fix all of our problems? Have you notice an economic crisis looming?  Have you noticed endless wars and chaos looming?  We are in the “Destabilization” process NOW, and the Crisis only takes about 6 weeks to accomplish.  How long did the Arab Spring overthrows take?  They took about 6 weeks and the media spun it all as some grand uprising of the people, but as we now see, it’s a controlled group of psychopaths using religion to gain total control.  We are about to enter a time of Crisis very soon.  I hope you have been paying attention, none of this is an accident.

You can watch more of Bezmenov and read my other blog posts about him. Just use the search feature and type in Bezmenov.  The point here is we are following a script to destabilize America and most often it’s legal, subtle, and creeps along slowly killing the soul. Much as you boil a frog in a pan of water slowly. It never recognizes the danger and just sits there until it’s too late and then it cannot move.


Alice Bailey channeled 25 esoteric books in which she teaches the new world order religion.  In one she gives her 10 strategies:

In her book Education in the New Age, Bailey laid out a ten point strategy to destroy Christianity.

THE TEN STRATEGIES OF THE PLAN – Alice Bailey, New Age Guru.

1. Push God out of the schools. If the people grow up without reference to God, then they will consider God irrelevant to day to day life. In the last fifty years this has happened. God is irrelevant to most people.

2. Break the Traditional Judaeo-Christian Family Concept. Break communication between parents and children so that parents can’t pass on spiritual values to their children. Do this by pushing excessive child rights.

3. Remove restrictions on sex. Sex is the biggest joy and Christianity robs people of this. People must be freed to enjoy it without restrictions. It’s not just for married, it’s for everybody.

4. Since sex is the greatest expression of man’s enjoyment of life, man must be free to express sex in ALL its forms. Homosexuality, orgies, even bestiality are desirable so long as no one is being abused or harmed.

5. People must be free to abort unwanted children. If a man can have sex and then live without the consequences then the same should be true for a woman too. A woman must have the right to abort an unwanted child.

6. Every person develops soul bonds, so when a soul bond wears out a person must be free to divorce. When one starts to grow, one must be free to get together with that person even if they are married . . .

7. Defuse religious radicalism. Christianity says JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. Defuse this by a) silencing Christianity and b) promoting other faiths (the creation of interfaith harmony)

8. Use the Media to Influence Mass Opinion. Create mass opinion that is receptive to these values by using TV, film, the press etc. (NB what western believers call normal in the African church would be pornography).

9. Debase art in all its forms. Corrupt music, painting, poetry and every expression of the heart and make is obscene, immoral and occultic. Debase the arts in every way possible.

10.Get the church to endorse every one of these nine strategies. Get the church to accept these principles and to say they’re OK (then legal ground is given for these values to get a foothold).

Q: So how do you get a NEW WORLD ORDER you may ask?


You see, the truth has been out there throughout the generations, but no one listens.  These messengers are truly the voices crying in the  wilderness, but we always have excuses not to listen.  Many can’t even be bothered to watch a 10 minute video, but they can sit in front of their TV and watch five hours of shows.  None will have an excuse when all is said and done.  We make our own choices, and we will each answer for them.


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