Game – Set – Match or Problem – Crisis – Solution

I am going to post some links for you to go read at a site.  It is very informative, and though I have been aware of these issues for many years, and have written on many of them, I believe it is important enough for all awake to read these few articles, and spend some time on this groups website.

The Barium Sky 1

Barium Sky 2

Barium Sky 3

B.Huldah & Company

I think the following video is curious.  I find it interesting, though I do not believe Obama is the Anti-Christ for we are told the anti-Christ comes in peacefully and prosperously.  Obama has not been peaceful nor has he brought in prosperity.  I do believe he is a “type” of anti-Christ figure, but not the actual one Satan.  Satan is Satan and has lots of names, but the AC is not Obama in my view of scripture and the characteristics of the son of perdition.  He is simply fulfilling a role as a puppet which will be used to bring in the true AC.  The video is interesting though.

and finally, don’t miss this page

The New World Order and the Federal Reserve


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