Lil Wayne – My Homies Still (explicit) symbolism for Batman Shooter plan?

Ok, it’s getting more weird by the moment. There are some on top of it people out here, and citizen journalism is the only way to dig the truth out.  I am all for checking all the angles, and well, this one is a conspiracy buffs dream come true.  Here is what one observer wrote,

COLORADO SHOOTINGS.. search Lil wayne – my homies still
3:42 freeze and count the 12 skeletons in the movie theatre.some injured…freeze at 2:36 the all seeing eye, in girls mouth… freeze at 2:13 the gas canisters go off.

So, here is the video, and it’s weird alright (warning explicit):

here is still shot:

All seeing eye in mouth – Girl got shot in her mouth by Holmes

Gas Canister going off

12 skeletons

Is it just yet another coincidence?  I don’t put much faith in those.  This site does an analysis of the video for illuminati symbolism.  I did an analysis of other symbolism revealing the “Plan of the Elites” in two music videos by the Eurythmics.

click below to read and see the symbolism.  Is this all a coincidence?

Plan of the Elites









Two hands in a shooting position (split screen, but it = 2 hands) and it looks like they have a leather band around them which makes them look cuffed or almost like a batman symbol.


10 comments on “Lil Wayne – My Homies Still (explicit) symbolism for Batman Shooter plan?

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  3. That clip was cropped too soon, there is actually 13 skeletons. Yesterday it was announced that a 6 year old girl died from her wounds in the hospital, making the death toll 13. Also news reports on July 20th state 8 men and 4 women died. With this last girl passing, makes 5 women, which is the same amount of heads posted on the wall. In the large clip, it shows 24 skeletons, and according to University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora there were 24 people admitted for wounds.

  4. I understand what you are saying, and there were 71 victims. The scene does show 12, but throughout the video are plenty of skeletons. I think for me, that the simple imagery of dead people via skeletons in a movie is the really weird part. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I call shenanigans. Too obvious. Then again, hiding in plan sight isn’t the worst cover idea ever. My concern is what it does subliminally to tweens+. Or that this video might overshadow the actual shootings.

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