Jordan Maxwell exposed as a Theosophist NWO Adept Minister

Jordan Maxwell is lauded by many as the father of the truth movement and has been spreading the word about the New World Order for decades.  Many have used his research per Jordan and their own admissions to assist them in writing books and making a lot of money “exposing” the truth about the cabal / Elites who run the world.  I used to be a strong supporter of Maxwell until I started really digging into and verifying his claims.  He says a lot of things as facts which when looked more deeply into are not so factual.  I am going to post two videos. One shows him doing the masonic handshake.  Some try to claim that not all masonry is bad, and I would certainly say that not all masons are bad, but the proven goals of the organization in pushing the NWO agenda in my opinion is without a doubt true.  So, why would Maxwell do this handshake?

I cannot speak to the veracity of the man in the mason meeting being Sitchen.  It’s too easy to mistake people, but we see him in the next section doing a masonic handshake with Maxwell.  What are masonic handshakes? Well, it depends on your level in the lodge.

Here is a video of the various leaders doing these handshakes.  Now, there are a few people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis such as David Icke and he can’t do a “traditional” handshake and it appears to be masonic. I don’t know him personally, and i can’t judge his actions in any way but to say, it’s obvious to me that he has severe arthritis and anyone who has felt that, knows it’s an excellent explanation of why he has an “odd” handshake.

Now, that being all said, there is a video that takes what Jordan Maxwell teaches to task because of his wild allegations of what the bible teaches and what Christianity teaches.  It is my firm belief that Jesus Christ whom I refer to as Yeshua ha Mashiach in his proper name while in his earthly ministry laid a perfect foundation for the church.  The Roman’s crept into the church and by 326 a.d. codified at the council of Nicea something entirely different from what Yeshua put in place.  There has always been a remnant, but once Rome got involved many things were done in the name of Yeshua’s church that were meant to control the world and set it up for the coming one world religion under the Anti-Christ.  I would dare say that even the crusades served a double purpose for the NWO religion.  One, they  consolidated power and got rid of many pagan sects.  They confiscated sacred texts and burned or hid them to keep the people ignorant.  And, in the future when it was time to end the time of the church and bring in the false one world religion under Satan, they would have paved the way by people hating the actions of the church in the crusades to use that against believing in Christianity.  Satan is a very smart angel.  He does not think in days or weeks or decades, but in millennial time and he has a system from the beginning until now to consolidate power and to ultimately rule the world and be praised because he will come in after a time of crisis in a peaceful and prosperous manner.

For the past 400 years we have had a movement underway, and in the last 100 years it has grown more open, and that is the open preaching of the religion of Theosophy.  Those who teach it and now many use astro theology to bring into question all the truths of the bible.   Christianity and religion are used by the elites to be the scapegoat for all their evil deeds.  It’s all the fault of these religious fanatics they cry.  Who is manipulating man via religion?  Why, it’s the elites of course!  They take over what they can use, do terrible things, divide people, and then blame the very religion they used to do it. Now, the constant beating of the new age drums is all about man is one and we are all gods.  We are one because we all come from the creator and we are all co-creators.  We are going to raise our love energy and transform and ascend from this low energy form by dropping old fables proven false by the likes of Helena Blavatsky and Jordan Maxwell.  The fact is both of them admit to channeling information.  Maxwell admits to loving Blavatsky’s work and his favorite book of hers is “Isis Unveiled”.

He has flip flopped on his support of Blavatsky in the past.  He has pretended not to be tied to theosophy, but the video below will clearly show that he teaches it openly.  The blockbuster video online “Zeitgeist” is Jordan Maxwell’s research and information per Jordan Maxwell.  The thing is, it’s all from Helena Blavatsky and Manly P Hall.  Jordan Maxwell is not his birth name.  He was born Russell Pine and changed his name to Jordan Maxwell.  I have no problem with people changing their name, but he pretends he never knew the name “Jordanus Maximus” until a Rabbi sent him an email.  This is stunning, because anyone who has watched Jordan can tell this is a man with a memory like and elephant.  Nothing slips his mind and he is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination.  Here is a screen shot of his website page dealing with words to google:

Really?  That’s the first time he ever heard of that name and he just happened to change his name to a derivation of the name of the second person in Blavatsky’s trinity?


First Trinity.

Lord FERHO — the Life which is no Life — the Supreme God. The Cause which produces the Light, or the Logos inabscondito. The water of Jordanus Maximus — the water of Life, or Ajar, the feminine principle. Unity in a Trinity, enclosed within the ISH AMON.

Second Trinity.
(The manifestation of the first.)

1. Lord MANO — the King of Life and Light — Rex Lucis. First LIFE, or the primitive man.
2. Lord Jordan — manifestation or emanation of Jordan Maximus — the waters of grace. Second LIFE.
3. The Superior Father — Abatur. Third LIFE.

This Trinity produces also a duad — Lord Ledhoio, and Fetahil, the genius (the former, a perfect emanation, the latter, imperfect).


This really is asking people to leave their brain at the door.  I believe Jordan Maxwell is a devout follower of Helena Blavatsky.  She loves Lucifer, encourages others to love this “light bringer”, and her religion of Theosophy is the foundation for the coming New World Order religion.  Her words are very cunning just like Lucifer’s words to Eve in the garden.  This whole religion is about man accepting his godhood and joining the light bringer in creating a better world.  The first lie and sin was Lucifer the covering cherub’s sin to no longer cover the mercy seat but in his pride to desire to sit upon it and be worshiped as God, and the first sin of Adam and Eve was to disobey their heavenly father and eat of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil so they could be as God, and thus again and again we see this as our most terrible weakness, to be as God or be God.  This is the way mankind will be deceived in the last days, by believing he is doing a good thing and becoming as God because of this false teaching.  I was talking in my heart to God about a month ago about how Eve was deceived, and this is what came to my mind almost as a conversation. I won’t say it’s a conversation, but it flowed as such:

You must not think so ill of them or those who fall for this trick of the devil.  Think of Adam and Eve as innocent children, and without their parent around a very crafty and smart babysitter starts talking to them.  The babysitter wants them to fail ultimately and plays upon their love for their mother and father.  Imagine the girl’s mother has forbidden her to touch her make-up and the child has not done so, but then the sitter asks her about the make-up and the girl tells her she is not to touch it because her mother said no.  The sitter says, “your mother doesn’t mind really, as a matter of fact when you put it on you will be just as pretty and beautiful as she is!”  The girl forgets immediately about the command of her mother and instead in admiration and desire to be like her mother eagerly puts on the make-up to be just like mommy!  Likewise the boy is under some similar command about his father telling him not to do something and the evil babysitter says, “of course not, the moment you do that you will be just a smart and strong as your father” so of course the boy forgets the command and eagerly wanting to be like his beloved father disobeys and does it.

Satan plays upon our inner desire to be like God.  Of course we want that, and of course Satan knows when we follow his temptation we actually disobey and break fellowship with God.  This is the lie and trick of Theosophy. It sounds wonderful and beautiful and appears as a means to bring us closer to divine wisdom and love when in fact it does just the opposite.  Through the ill deeds these very elites who love mystery Babylon Theosophy actions in the church we have the way paved to hate Christianity and question the truths of the bible.  That was how Satan tempted Christ remember? His words to Jesus were, “Did God say….”  and only by Jesus truly knowing the word could he deal with the temptations.  If you don’t know the word you have no chance against the evil one and lies he tells.  I share the video below to get a glimpse of how false teachers lead people astray.  They don’t fact check their teachers, ministers, books etc.. They trust them too much.  The video following that one is how Zeitgeist lies to you in the very same ways, and if you have been confused by this false teaching of astro theology then you won’t be after watching that.

This is a long video, it is available on youtube in small parts, or just come back and watch a half hour at a time.  Do not be confused by the lies in part 1 of Zeitgeist:


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