The Plan of the Elites

I am reminded of the parable of the wheat and the tares. Under the cover of darkness, the evil one sowed similar seeds that looked the same as the good wheat but in fact were a weed known as tares. Only at harvest time would the differences be clear and we were instructed to not disturb the tares lest harm come to the tender wheat. I think the parable is about false teachings as well as the much deeper secret Philidelphia and Smyrna taught regarding the Kenites. Most deep teachings in the bible are on three levels.

  1. milk
  2. solid
    3 meat

These are also spoken of in regards to teaching spiritual babies, young men, and old men. You can read the same passage for years and then one day by some “rhema” or divine inspiration that passage takes on a deeper meaning, but it only comes by rightly dividing the word and seeking truth with a pure heart, imho.  Blavatsky taught a twisted truth which naturally had little bells tinkling that seemed truthful. I have looked into theosophical books and teachings over the years and they are very enticing and can lead one astray from truth to ultimately be very self serving and of a hard heart.

The New Age is just a repackaged old spirituality of the man being God. Where did we hear this before? Pride comes before the fall, and the lies told by the master of forked tongue easily ensnare young souls. It’s akin to the Pied Piper’s tune luring innocent children to their deaths as they happily skip along never knowing their fate soon to befall them. I believe we get messages of how the elites see mankind in general as cattle and how they lie to us. Sure it could just be a song, but look at these below. Two of my favorites are by the Eurythics:

  1. Would I lie to you

Drum roll begins the song which is symbolic of an announcement. We are told it’s late, she rides up, comes in and decides to tell the truth as she stares in the mirror. The band begins to play and get the crowd going. Horns are symbolic of an annoucement, as in the last shofar. Here comes the big announcement: She comes out and the three women in a red dress (symbolic of the “whore of babylon / deception) sing “Would I lie to you” and Annie’s first word is “uh yeh”. She then tells the audience that her friends know what’s in store, and she’s getting ready to walk out the door. Yeh, she’s the landlord with the new building all ready to move into, and she’s moving. The game is up and you have been warned. The crowd is all for it, and clapping, they have no idea what the truth really is. She (the elites / establishment control) is making it and has made it, The new system / building. Now, we get to the message: No deception in this “moment” of truth. “Tell you straight, NO INTERVENTION” there you got that? NO, intervention. WAKE UP….. yeh right, they just clap on and enjoy the show. “You’re the biggest fake that much is true, had all I can take, now I’m leaving you.” Yeh, we are nothing but sheep and cattle. We are fake, we cry freedom while we let them steal it from us. We let them rape, pillage, plunder and murder us in the name of whatever is the popular cause. She rode in on his bike, and she’s done with him. How long have the elites ridden on our backs? Now, they’re telling us straight, “I’m leaving you”. She’s leaving the old system and starting with something new. The boyfriend confronts her and she pushes him into the sheep who take care of him. It’s interesting a business man is dancing center stage. Economy is key here, and we are about to see an exit from the old system into the new.

  1. Sweet Dreams

We start with communication again in a nice building with a board room, sending us a message if you have eyes to see and ears to hear that is. Fist pounds on a table like a decision is made. The person is in silhoutee which is symbolic of humanity. Now we go to the third eye linked to astral and as above so below. This is what’s coming in the dream / plan. We hear what sounds like a whip cracking which naturally plays on the imagery of slavery. The beautiful Annie rather than being in a red dress is all business with red hair. She’s going to show the sweet dream. We have an image of the world and a globe on the desk. This is about our world and how is works. We see some factory image and then see people marching along like workers who are just cogs in a wheel. We are all playing roles. Some want to use you and some want to get used. We are each accountable and have no one to blame for our lots. Yes, some want to abuse and some by being abused show they want to be abused.

Now they are in the world. He is masked and she is changed to the woman in the red dress playing the symphony in amongst the cows, I mean sheeple, I mean people. Sweet dreams are made of these facts and who is she to disagree. Facts speak for themselves. We allow it and we choose to be cattle. It is true all over the world, we are all the same in this. Now, we see a target on the world, and here comes more truth. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP means wake up people! We see image after image of eyes opening, and there is even a friggin cow waking up! They don’t just put cows in videos for no reason. We see it all, the cow is there seeing it all, and does nothing. It allowing it, you’re allowing it, I’m allowing it. Hold your head up MOVE ALONG! Yes, move into the new building while we entertain you. They are now in the world moving the cows / people along. Entertain the people some more with pretty music they like to hear. Now the board room has moved and the fist pounds on the table, it’s DONE! The cows have moved to their new system / home and the elites are still in control moving the cows / people / useless eaters.