RNC lies about Romney


Oh how stupid the people are.  They do not know how our electoral process works and the amazing thing is Ron Paul does and he may actually have the most delegates.


“Guns cause crime”, per Seattle Police

A recent tragedy in Seattle has sparked the ever present gun debate.  As some of you may know, I am an avid shooter, proponent of self defense, and believe in the right to keep a firearm.  It seems though, that we have has some serious incidents of late and the clamor for restrictions is always the motto of the anti-gun lobby.  Stand your ground law is in question in Florida. The latest incident involved a mentally ill man whom even his family is not surprised by his shooting and killing five people and then himself.  One has to wonder why he was not under supervision, getting medical help etc and how he got a gun.  You see, mentally ill people are not supposed to have guns, so how is it that he got one? The obvious truth here is laws do not protect you.  Criminals do not care about laws, and taking away my right to protect myself and my family will not stop criminals who wish to harm others.

So, what is the response of the Seattle police to this violence?

Seattle police officials Tuesday told the City Council that the outbreak of violence through Memorial Day weekend and since the beginning of the year has more to do with guns than with gangs.

Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz and Assistant Chief for Operations Paul McDonagh said that, while gang activity has played a role in the jump in homicides this year — 15 to date compared with 21 in all of 2011 — the common denominator is the use of firearms.

“A person who has a gun is more likely to use a gun,” Metz said after the weekly council briefing.” 

Read the story here.

I wonder how many car accidents, drunken fights, rapes, stabbings, they had over the Memorial Day weekend.  Why is it that guns are the culprit here?  Do cars drive themselves into people?  Do knives fly through the air without aid and stab people?  If I set a gun down on a nightstand and no one touches it, I guarantee you not one person will be shot by that gun.  People kill people.  More people die from sugar, fat, alcohol, car accidents etc than die by gun violence every year and yet we must stamp out that evil gun! The reason it’s the gun issue is that is the one thing that protects us from a complete totalitarian government.  Should the American people every find their gonads again and decide enough is enough, we have a slight method of proving our point, guns.  Of course we have slipped so far away from honor, respect, and constitutional law that we are now allowing our children to be molested in front of us at airports, our daughters to be stripped naked and searched by police if she is arrested for any incidence even jay walking!  I have no doubt the government has little fear of the people enforcing the constitutional Republic anytime soon.  Oh, they want our guns alright like any coward would want their target weak and indefensible, but they really don’t fear us bitter clingers.  That still doesn’t mean they won’t use any and every opportunity to take our rights and since we won’t enforce them do we even deserve them?

“When you have a government that fears the people you have liberty.  When you have a people who fear the government you have tyranny.”

Thank God I am a Southerner.  The South has a long tradition of honor and liberty.  Hopefully, we still have some left who will draw a line somewhere and not allow anymore usurpation of our rights.

Nato being tricked into war with Syria by manipulating “massacre” data


In a report issued hours after the massacre, the BBC used a photo that was first published over nine years ago and taken in Al Mussayyib, Iraq. The image shows a child skipping over the dead bodies of hundreds of Iraqi children who have been transported from a mass grave to be identified.

The caption used by the BBC to describe the image stated that the picture was provided by an activist and “believed to show the bodies of children in Houla awaiting burial”. After the “mistake” was exposed, the BBC changed their original article but did not issue a retraction.

The photographer who took the original picture, Marco Di Lauro, posted on his Facebook page, “Somebody is using my images as a propaganda against the Syrian government to prove the massacre.” Di Lauro told the London Telegraph he was “astonished” the BBC had failed to check the authenticity of the image.

“What I am really astonished by is that a news organization like the BBC doesn’t check the sources and it’s willing to publish any picture sent it by anyone: activist, citizen journalist or whatever. That’s all,” said Di Lauro.


Penn and Teller BS: Organic Food Myths Debunked (Excerpt)

This is an interesting video, I’d love to hear from some of you about this. I always think Organic is safer because we are not getting food from over used soil, and the meat is not polluted with growth hormones etc.. I dislike GMO foods.  We have raw foodies telling us how we kill our food if we heat it over 120 degrees.  Is that true?  Microwaves are supposedly guilty of killing the nutritional value of anything you put in it. Is that true?  Radiation is not good, but we irradiate our food.  I rather liked Penn & Tellers take:



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More solutions to save oil and not add to waste production

There are some amazing products that most people do not know about.  One is an additive you can put in your oil at the ratio of 1 ounce to one quart of oil.  The product is called Power Up, and the videos below show a comprehensive demonstration of the superior metal protection this additive gives to your oil so your engine will not seize up.

These products work. Now let me show you the best lubricant you can use on heavy equipment or any equipment that requires lubrication for a moving gear.  The issue is keeping the gears covered with lubricant and not letting water get into any areas of the gear. Once water gets in and the oil leaks out you are going to have problems.  If you shut down for the end of a season and the oil drains away, the exposed gears etc. will rust.  You need a lubricant that will keep them coated even if the lubricant level drops below some of the parts in the gear housing.  The lubricant you needs has to be thixotropic which means it thins out when there is friction / movement. It is not based on heat, but movement.  As soon as the lube is off the moving part it thickens up and coats whatever it touches.  Watch this video to understand how it works. It costs a bit more, but it’s worth it if you don’t have to replace a gear or other moving parts.

This is about sprinklers on farms, but this works on heavy equipment as well.  There are other types of thixotropic grease products that you put in via a grease gun.  Pack the bearings and stop having excessive down time on your heavy equipment because of dirt and water getting into the joints.

Natural clean up with Bio-Matrix

I have known about his product for almost a decade.  It is an amazing clean up product that does not need to be disposed of in some bio-hazardous way.  It absorbs hydro-carbons, releases any water, and converts the toxic chemicals basically into dirt.  Watch this amazing video, and if you see a use for it in your city or know someone who deals with chemical spills, oil spills, hazardous clean up then tell them about Bio-Matrix:


Focused intention to end the tyranny


I am a strong adherent to focused pure intention and agree with what this man says.  You can bring about positive change using the electromagnetic fields to your benefit, the wise knew this and built sacred structures at key ley points to take advantage of that energy. The moon waxing and waning cycle plays into doing a “positive” vs. “negative” working, but even a “negative” working can be for greater good. Instead of Heal my infection you focus on kill my infection. Got it?

12,000 year old structure of a highly advanced civilization

We were promised that all things would be revealed before Messiah returns. It seems the earth is giving up it’s long held secrets.  I believe some powerful people have been guarding those secrets for many millenia.  Some use it for their gain and help manipulate the power structures / governments of the world.  I believe we are not in Iraq just to get oil or settle a score.  This region of the world holds vast secrets and some military have revealed that we are digging over there and unearthing amazing things.