Lying bastard sons of Satan, the Kenites

Who is Israel? The poor tribe of Judah keeps getting blamed for those bastard sons of Satan, the Kenites. Yes, they masquerade as Judah, they sit in the best seats in the synagogue, the synagogue of Satan. Yes, let’s hate all Israel, but just remember who decided to move into Judea for fear of the ruler at the time. Yes, the house of Rechab did, and they looked like the Jews, so they melted in and worked to get into the best seats, became the scribes and pharisees, and when Rome destroyed Jerusalem and renamed it Palestine for there were no Palestinian people anymore in the land, the Romans did it to insult the Jews who had the gall to stand up to the elites sitting in the seat of power, Rome.

Yes, the kenites ran away with Judah and continued to be called Jews because that’s part of the master plan. Yes, the master plan to rule the world and have Judah blamed for all the troubles. Yes, the bastard Kenites who love money, can’t produce food for themselves, are haters of all that love God and walk in the way. What better false flag than to have the house God loved blamed for everything by playing the role of that house. Well, all you Kenite bastards know the truth and you know but refuse to admit that in the end you are nothing but pretend rulers. You are the scum of the earth, and Judah will crush your head as surely prophesied long ago. You bruise his heal still today, but shortly, so very shortly, you will be nothing and all mankind will look upon your withered corpse and say, “Is this the “man” we were so afraid of? Is this the one who caused us to flee in terror and fear?” They will be astonished at their own stupidity, and never again will they be afraid, for from the least of them to the greatest they will all know the truth and no man will have to tell another for we will all know and choose the path of Love.

It’s easy to hate “Israel” for the Kenites masquerade to this day along with the tribe of Judah as Jews.  So, all these videos espousing the hatred of Israel are truly being used by Satan because Satan wants more than anything to destroy the house of Judah.  So, think twice about “facts” you are given about the evil Jews.  There is the house of Judah and the House of Rechab who changed their name (Yes, the liberals took a play from an ancient book on name changing) from the house of the Kenites to the House of Rechab.  It’s an ancient play and we are in the final acts.  I caution my brothers and sisters who love God to not fall prey to this trick of the evil one.  The true house of Israel loves God, walks in peace and serves the Lord.  The evil Rechabites who obediently do the will of their father, Satan, that wicked one the devil are the true bastards causing the negative problems in the world!  It’s prophesied to happen, and they fulfill the negative side of prophecy, but don’t be like the sleeping virgins Yeshua warned us of.  Don’t lose your oil, don’t lose your place in the house of God.  This is a war for souls, and who you back could determine a lot in your eternal future.

This video should be about Kenites not the general term Israel. If you substitute the house of Rechab, the Kenites then this video is truly powerful and not just moving as it is now.