Michael Hastings Died After His Report on Bowe Burgdahl

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I well remember the strange death of Michael Hastings who died this past year.  He was reportedly afraid for his life and had told some people close to him that he was on a big story.  He had done an expose on Bowe Burgdahl, and then had this very strange accident.  I am amazed at the fact that our government has not quite figured out yet, that what they used to get away with twenty years ago in their little psy op campaigns is not going to work anymore.  We have massive citizen journalists who have taken up the role of reporting because the government / corporate owned media is not longer willing to be the watch dog they were meant to be.

Not everyone forgets news that is a year or two old.  Some people will report on events and dig them up when the other piece to the puzzle falls into place!  The death of Michael Hastings seemed staged when it happened, but now it seems a sure thing that he was shut up permanently and it was all in regards to this prisoner swap of Burgdahl.

Western Jouralism website has a full story on this and a video which you need to watch.  I could not find it on youtube or I would have posted it.  Go here, to watch the video.  I did find another video about Hastings and the Burgdahl information on youtube that is pretty well done:


The article this video was taken from:

Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl?


By Alice Speri

June 3, 2014 |

Three years into the disappearance of Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, Michael Hastings — the journalist whose reporting cost General Stanley McChrystal his job — wrote a Rolling Stone story on the missing soldier, a piece which the magazine called “the definitive first account of Bowe Bergdahl.”

Hastings, who died in a car accident in Los Angeles in June 2013, had unparalleled access for that story.

He spoke to Bergdahl’s parents, who had by that time stopped talking to the press, following “subtle pressure” from the army, and he quoted from emails the young soldier had sent to them, documenting his growing disillusion with the war and the US military.

Hastings also spoke to several unnamed men in Bergdahl’s unit — soldiers who, we now know, had to sign a strict nondisclosure agreement forbidding them from discussing the soldier’s disappearance and search with anyone — let alone one of the top investigative journalists in the country.

‘Michael and Matt both worked really, really hard on that story, and I know for a fact that they did it in a way that completely angered the US military and the US government.’

But most controversially, Hastings’ piece revealed what has been the subject of much debate and vitriol over the last few days: That a disillusioned Bergdahl had actually abandoned his post and “walked away.”

At the time of the story’s publication, the media had all but forgotten about Bergdahl — who was released on Saturday after five years in the hands of the Taliban, in exchange for five Guantanamo prisoners. And, with the exception of some initial chatter, Hastings’ piece, which paints a deeply unflattering picture of Bergdahl’s unit and its leadership, hardly had the impact of some of his other investigations.

But someone did pay attention to it: the FBI.

That, at least, is what was revealed in a heavily redacted document released by the agency following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request — filed on the day of Hastings’ death — by investigative journalist Jason Leopold and Ryan Shapiro, an MIT doctoral student whom the Justice Department once called the “most prolific” requester of FOIA documents.

The document, partially un-redacted after Leopold and Shapiro engaged in a lengthy legal battle with the FBI for failing to fulfill its FOIA obligations, singles out Hastings’ Rolling Stone piece — “America’s Last Prisoner of War” — as “controversial reporting.” It names Hastings and Matthew Farwell, a former soldier in Afghanistan and a contributing reporter to Hastings’ piece.

‘If this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.’

The document also included an Associated Press report based on the Rolling Stone piece, and what it identifies as a “blog entry” penned by Gary Farwell, Matthew’s father — which actually appears to be a comment entry on the Idaho Statesman’s website.

“The article reveals private email excerpts, from [redacted] to his parents. The excerpts include quotes about being ‘ashamed to even be American,’ and threats that, ‘If this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan,’” the FBI file reads. “The Rolling Stone article ignited a media frenzy, speculating about the circumstances of [redacted] capture, and whether US resources and effort should continue to be expended for his recovery.”

‘I’m happy the FBI is reading Rolling Stone on the job.’

The FBI file — as well as a Department of Justice document released in response to Leopold and Shapiro’s lawsuit — suggests that Hastings and Farwell’s reporting got swept up into an “international terrorist investigation” into Bergdahl’s disappearance.

A spokesperson for the FBI told VICE News that the agency does not normally comment on pending investigations and that it lets FOIA documents “speak for themselves.” The investigation was still pending as of last month, Leopold said.

According to the files — and a rare public statement by the FBI following Hastings’ death — Hastings was never directly under investigation by the agency, despite having pissed off a lot of people in very high places.  MORE




The Western Journalism Piece states:

This Journalist Died After Exposing Bowe Bergdahl’s Anti-Americanism

At the time Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was killed under suspicious circumstances, he had recently written a huge exposé on Bowe Bergdahl, revealing that he had deserted his unit and actively sought out the Taliban. Hastings had also revealed Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments, publishing the emails to his father that so shocked America: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is America is disgusting.”

This revelation actually came in July of 2012, when Hastings published a ten-thousand word article on Bergdahl, in which he had traveled to Afghanistan to speak to his former platoon mates, the soldiers violating their gag order to speak to Hastings anonymously. Hastings had also visited Bergdahl’s parents in Idaho, where he presumably obtained the emails. When we saw Obama pawing Bowe Bergdahl’s mother and hugging his father last week in the White House Rose Garden, this wasn’t how he was treating them in 2012. The Obama administration in 2012 had “encouraged” his parents to keep their mouths shut. The father, Robert Bergdahl, had gone on a very public crusade, criticizing the Obama administration for killing Afghanistan civilians, and had even said that one of the Taliban captors of his son had had his child murdered by a CIA drone—mirroring events in the popular Showtime series “Homeland”. This was stated at a very public GOP fundraising event in 2010 hosted by former RNC head Michael Steele. Robert Bergdahl had also just posted a video on YouTube, where he appealed directly to this son’s captors, stating: “…We must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years…We have wept that God may show his beneficence, his mercy and that his peace may come upon the people of Pakistan. As-salamu alaykum [peace be upon you].”

After this, the Obama administration actively sought to keep the lid on Robert Bergdahl and Michael Hastings’ reporting of Bowe Bergdahl, as secret FBI documents now reveal.

A 22-page secret FBI report dated June 11, 2012, obtained by investigative reporter Jason Leopold, shows that both Hastings and former Afghanistan war veteran and co-writer Matt Farwell were under an intense FBI investigation in early 2012. The document is highly redacted; but it appears Hastings and Farwell were under direct FBI surveillance, including when they met with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents in 2012.

Keep in mind, at the time of Hastings’ death, the FBI had denied they had ever investigated Hastings, despite Hastings sending out a frantic email hours before his death with the subject line: “FBI Investigation,” stating that he was being investigated. Also included in the body of the email was a reference to a “big story” he was working on. This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an investigation of then-terrorism czar—now CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’ death, all of his notes and documents on Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared in Rolling Stone.

The Obama administration had also been successful at suppressing the fact that Bowe Bergdahl was essentially a traitor and that his father was not far behind. Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Robert Bergdahl, has been tweeting out a stream of anti-American propaganda for months. Three days before his son was released,Robert Bergdahl called for all Guantanamo Bay prisoners to be released, not just the five Taliban generals Obama ended up trading for a traitor. When social media grabbed the tail of the Bergdahl beast last week—exposing the Bergdahl father and son treachery—the Bowe Bergdahl beast could not be stopped by the Obama spin machine.”    MORE


Now, I will ask you, do you think anything that happens out of the ordinary that involves politicians is by accident?  The people are getting wise to the game being played, and the players know this.  Look for events to speed up very soon to keep us off balance, reacting instead of responding, and going into a crisis mode which the players believe they can monitor, control, and use to bring about total world power and domination of every man, woman, and child on earth.

Was Hastings Assassinated? Was it a number of issues and not just Burgdahl?  This video brings a lot of points up, and you will hear from Michael Hastings as to his viewpoints and findings:


Russia Warns of Possible Catastrophic Event at Yellowstone (ALERT)

This is troubling to hear about.  Russia seems to be willing to give us a warning that our media will not report.  This is a red alert to be prepared for a possible catastrophic event.  Could this be why FEMA has been active in Region 4 and agencies have been ramping up emergency supplies and ammo in case of societal breakdown of this proportion?  Do you have food and water to get your family through an emergency lasting a week, a month or six months?  What happens if the power goes out across half of America due to a disaster?  We were warned of  many troubles, and only the foolish do not prepare for natural disasters.  Watch the video and read the article:



Russia Issues Grim Report On North American Magnetic Anomaly


A grim report prepared by Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev on the just completed scientific mission of North America carried out by 4 Tupolev Tu-95 strategic aircraft and 2 Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueling tankers that “electronically swept” for “magnetic anomalies” from Alaska to California warns that a “catastrophic event” may be nearing for this region.

US officials, it should be noted, characterized this purely scientific mission as a “bombing run” that came within 50 miles of California, but which their Air Forces were able to repel by their launching of F-15 fighter jets.

This report, however, states that this scientific mission was necessitated by a “severe mysterious magnetic anomaly” detected by the Kosmos 2473 satellite on 3 June occurring in the Yellowstone region of the Western United States which resulted in what is called an “earthquake swarm.”

Most important to note about the 3 June Yellowstone “magnetic anomaly”, this report continues, are that satellite measurements show it being precipitated by the mysterious earthquake swarm hitting the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska, and which seismologists are still at a loss to explain.

The information relating to the linking of these two “events”, this report says, was further verified by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) magnetic anomaly maps and data for North America showing a strange magnetic “disturbance/ripple” emanating from Brooks Range and ending at Yellowstone on 3 June, both of these areas, it is important to note, being part of the Rocky Mountains that stretch more than 4,830 km (3,000 miles) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States.

Of grave concern to Russian military authorities relating to these “events”, General Bondarev says in his report, was the “catastrophic effect” they had on the advanced “magnetoceptioninertial navigation systems employed by many US-NATO-Russian warplanes which use these highly sophisticated aircraft flight devices.

Though no Russia military aircraft were near the “disturbed magnetic zone” emanating our from Yellowstone on 3 June, this report says, two US military aircraft were at its “boundaries” in the Southern California region on 4 June while this “event” was still “active” causing them both to crash.

The two US fighter jets crashing on 4 June, this report continues, were identified as a US Navy F-A-183 that went down when the pilot was attempting to land aboard the carrier Carl Vinson, and a US Marine Harrier AV-8B jet that crashed into a residential community in Imperial, about 90 miles east of San Diego, both of them occurring within hours of each other.

This report notes that no civilian aircraft would have been affected by this “magnetic anomaly” as only the most advanced military aircraft employ these “geomagnetic-satellite” coordinated flight systems which enable them to “hug the terrain” not unlike the magnetic systems used by birds and insects to navigate.


Russian concerns relating to “magnetic anomalies”, it is important to note, are related to the rapidly shifting north magnetic pole which since 2005 has been moving at a rate of 40 kilometers (25 miles) a year from Arctic Canada toward Siberia.

Frightening independent research from last year (2013) further warns that this shift is still picking up speed and according to this researcher should reach Siberia in at least within 2 years. [See video HERE (banned in US)]

One of the effects of the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole being noticed the most, this report notes, are the airport runway systems being disrupted because of it, and as we can read one such 2011 example which occurred in the US:

“Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways Thursday to account for the movement of the Earth’s magnetic fields, information that pilots rely upon to navigate planes. Thanks to the fluctuations in the force, the airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration said.


The poles are generated by movements within the Earth’s inner and outer cores, though the exact process isn’t exactly understood. They’re also constantly in flux, moving a few degrees every year, but the changes are almost never of such a magnitude that runways require adjusting, said Paul Takemoto, a spokesman for the FAA.”

The most chilling aspects of General Bondarev’s report relating to these “events” are the equations he uses in postulating that what is now occurring in North America with these “mysterious magnetic anomalies” occurring over a large expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and when combined with the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole and growing evidence of global climate change, give “huge credibility” to what is called “The Expanding Earth Theory”.

The expanding Earth or growing Earth hypothesis asserts that the position and relative movement of continents is at least partially due to the volume of Earth increasing and stands in contrast to that of plate tectonics, but which new findings relating to “aether theories” and dark matter, General Bondarev summarizes, means “grave consideration” must be given to the words of University of California, Davis, cosmologist Dr. Andreas Albrecht who warned: “We’ve hit some really profound problems with cosmology Ð with dark matter and dark energy, that tells us we have to rethink fundamental physics and try something new.

Or in simple terms, this report ends, “We may be on the verge of a catastrophic North American “event” that could possibly change the world forever, we should be prepared.”


The Agenda has Fallen into Place (Full Documentary)

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you are crazy or nuts for believing in conspiracy.  The facts have been found out.  The truth is out already, but most are either lazy, scared, distracted or afraid of being labeled a conspiracy nut.  This is a great way to keep people under your control.  Sadly, knowing the truth means you have to do something about it or be a hypocrite.  I don’t mean you have to rise up and fight literally with arms, guns, or other means. I mean, this is a spiritual battle, and being willing to tell the truth is your greatest power.

Tell your children and friends.  Don’t let them be brainwashed.

The Truth about our Schooling and True History

I just watched this short 8 minute video, and am now listening to the podcast it came from.  It’s very eye opening to say the least.  The podcast link is posted below:





For an expansion of the ideas in this video, check out these episodes of the podcast:
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School Sucks #135: The American Way Expanded (2 of 3): Pyromania

School Sucks #136: The American Way Expanded (3 of 3): The Matches

To browse all podcasts, visit http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/



The Real Reason Kent Hovind when to Prison






Kent Hovind is a well known creationist pastor who ruffled a lot of feathers nationally.  Up until he went to prison on a tax issue (not tax evasion as many say) he was doing 900 speeches a year!  He gave away his cd’s and spoke for free.  His ministry grew and he followed some bad advice and the government went after him after it was revealed that he was doing more than talking about the bible.  In fact, he was blowing the lid off of the lies so many have been indoctrinated with about our government and how the world really works.


This short video covers a few of the topics he spoke about in his own words.  I am well versed in everyone of these topics as I was involved in exposing this stuff in the early 1990’s and personally saw people get targeted by the federal government in sting operations and sent off to prison.  For the most part I was left alone as I only was on the radio for 3 hours a day a few times a week on a 50,000 watt station here in Tallahassee Florida.  Everything Mr. Hovind is speaking about on this video is 100% true no matter how crazy it sounds.  Truly, reality is much stranger than fiction folks, and if you want to see what happens to someone who gets a LOT of national attention, then watch the next two videos:


Mr. Hovind’s son speaks about current events and talks about why his father was really sent to prison, what he was actually convicted of.  Start at the 8 min mark if you want to avoid the discussion on the topics Hovind is known for and get to the actual charges.


I personally hope Mr. Hovind gets out of jail very soon, and can resume his debating and preaching.  While in prison, the Lord has used Dr. Hovind to win 400 new souls to Messiah, and while I am sure Dr. Hovind would have rather not been in prison, he is awfully glad to have been used there to reach some precious souls our Father loves and who might have never heard and understood the truth had Dr. Hovind not been there.  I don’t have to agree with anyone on everything to love and support them as a brother or sister in Messiah.  Dr. Hovind is entitled to his various viewpoints, and it was his political ones that landed him in prison.  Just think of it, he got an extra 5 years for no good reason except the Judge could do it!  The President just let loose murderers who are illegal aliens onto our streets, and yet we hold a creation preaching minister in prison for 10 years!  The judgement coming upon America cannot happen soon enough in my humble opinion.  Whether I live or die, whether my children live or die, I know we are destined for a better place where justice, love, peace and unity in truth prevail!  God bless you Dr. Hovind!

The plan to discredit you will fail once you are free to preach the gospel again!

Evolutionists hate this fact. They use circular reasoning to prove fossils and strata. They date the strata by the fossils in them and the fossils by where they find them in the strata! How can a scientist be ok with this?

Theory of Everything

I really enjoy watching and listening to Trey Smith as he shares his discoveries in the bible and our world.  I am used to cultures that talk a lot with their hands, but for some people it is annoying.  I find that if seeing people emphasize things via hand movements  does irritate you, then listen to this video in the background and tune in visually when he says something that is showing you an interesting image or video which he has plenty of in this video.

If you have an intellectual who totally believes in evolution and is open to hearing a logical explanation that even quantum physics scientists say is true, then this is for that sort of person.  If you just want to truly see how incredible you are, and the world around you, this is for you!  I hope you share this with your children, friends, and family:


Collapse of America has Begun

People keep wondering if America will collapse.  That is the first clue to the problem we are facing because America is collapsing.  From economy, healthcare, illegal immigration out of control, infrastructure of bridges, roads, water supply all failing already!  It’s not a question of when folks!  America that existed and offered to the next generation better lifestyle in the 1970’s is no longer a reality.

The middle class is being destroyed, and that is the backbone of America.  Are some making it rich still? Sure, but how are the majority doing?  How are your family members doing?  Do you take a 30 day vacation every year?  That used to be the norm folks, but we have been trained to think a week or two is wonderful!  Could your family pay for a $5000.00 emergency right now? What would it do to your safety net?

Do you really think sending your child to college with a $100,000.00 debt after four years will bring them a successful career?  America is burning, and our politicians are all playing a fiddle as they argue back and forth pointing fingers and accusing anyone who questions the President of being a racist!  Our rights are disappearing, we are becoming a police state, and you are watching it happen.  I feel as helpless as you do folks.  When will you be arrested for speaking your mind to your towns hearing or school board meeting?


Watch this video, share this blog post on twitter and face book or whatever media you choose.  The hour is so much later than most realize, and the 5,000 year storm is about to hit.  It’s been long in the planning, and the elite are ready to bind us all into their new system of control.  You will be told where to live, what to eat, what  you can drink, where you can work, and they will shoot you up with any injection they feel is necessary for the people to be “safe”.  You can thank the 1960’s generation who preached against the control of the government who now is in control and has no problem dictating your life to you.


4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado

I love it when someone brings a knife to a gun fight.  By that, I am referring to someone entering into a debate against someone else who is truly armed with facts and the truth and all they have are lies and misinformation.

I am a fan of Dutchsince, and he has the goods on what is going on in Colorado.  He has the satellite images of fracking operations and well data showing there has been drilling operations (Fracking) in the region for many years, and yet people are going onto his site and channel claiming he is lying.  Watch this video.  If you are in the region, get the heck out!


This is all about CYA for the energy companies and government.  They don’t want to be liable for the lost lives and property when this stuff blows sky high or covers towns with liquified sand due to fracking ruptures / earthquakes.  Again, see who has facts vs who has nothing but lies to share.

Could we see some real calamity from Yellow Stone?  Here is a short video about what’s going on there:



The government is moving the nukes out of the Yellow Stone region:

Labor Camps Already Exist in America

The privatization of the prison programs has been a huge business, and most American’s are against incentivizing imprisonment by waiving big dollar signs around.  There are stories of cheap labor from jailed inmates in many states.  You can even just call up the Sheriff in some areas and say, “Hey, Bob, I need a work crew to clear my 10 acres today” or “Hey, Sheriff Bob, I need some catering at a party” and twenty guys from the jail will show up to work for peanuts!  Now, let’s look at the hypocrisy of not only that issue, but now add in illegal immigrants being used as cheap labor!  The Federal government says” It’s wrong to hire illegals and pay them less than minimum wage as it’s inhumane and it’s harming American’s looking for opportunities to work!”  Then, the same Federal government uses those illegals it rounds up as cheap labor under threat of punishment if they don’t work in prison programs.  You would be surprised what prisons make for us or services they provide.  That telemarketer you are hearing from must might be calling you from jail!



Accused Child Killer resigns from top Vatican office: Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon makes startling announcement as he stands trial in absentia for Crimes against Humanity

I bet you haven’t heard much news about this tribunal and inquiry into accusations against top Vatican officials of child rape and murder who have stepped down recently.  So, we have some wild accusations against the current Pope Francis as well as head Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon.  Here is the story from ITCCS:

Ninth Circle Pope




Amidst rumours that Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, may step down from his office because of his public prosecution for child trafficking and murder, one of his fellow defendants has just done so.

Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon announced suddenly this week that he will resign from his office at the next General Congress of the Jesuits.

Along with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Bergoglio and Pachon are primary defendants in an historic criminal lawsuit being conducted by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels that commenced on April 7, 2014. Several eyewitnesses who have given their deposition to the Court claim they witnessed Welby, Bergoglio and Pachon participate in child rape and sacrifice rituals connected to the notorious Jesuit-run Ninth Circle cult, during 2009 and 2010.

In a statement generally unreported by the world media, Pachon announced on May 20 that he was stepping down from his office without giving a reason.

The Italian TV news agency Rome Reports called Pachon’s resignation “unusual … for one of the leading prelates in the church”.

Pachon is the third top Vatican official to resign while in office after being prosecuted by the ICLCJ for crimes against humanity. Former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, abdicated on February 11, 2013, barely two weeks before the ICLCJ jury found him guilty of complicity in child trafficking and murder. Another primary defendant in the same case, Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, also resigned after the verdict.

ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett commented today from Canada,

“This is yet another huge admission of guilt by some of the most powerful men in the papacy. Obviously they are not untouchable, and their whole corrupt criminal syndicate is coming down. We should all take hope from this, and see that the law in the hands of the people can topple the worst tyrants.”


Now, here is the really wild ride folks:


Prosecutors are rough. Satan prosecuted me in the desert for 40 days as I fasted. Now Satan’s lawyers are prosecuting the current Pope. What will this mean for my beloved Church?

Bulletin No. 3: Thursday, April 17, 2014 – 10 pm GMT

In the Matter of the People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder


1 The Court adjourns for two weeks after the first round in the Prosecutor’s Case discloses the startling testimony of eight witnesses.

2 Two separate witnesses describe their alleged rape and ritual torture by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio (alias “Pope Francis”) in 2009 and 2010.

3 The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at the Church of England’s Brantford Indian residential school in Canada.

4 Jesuit records are introduced as evidence detailing the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” decreeing papal involvement in “Ninth Circle” ritual murder of newborn children. The same records identify Joseph Ratzinger as a member of the “Knights of Darkness” S.S. sacrificial cult during World War Two.

5 ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett is scheduled to testify before the Court during its second round of sessions in early May to corroborate witnesses’ testimonies from his own work and experience.

6 A prominent Vatican official initiates back channel communication with the Court and offers key evidence, as Magistrates consider extending closed Court sessions during May.

7 The Court and its affiliates will issue an Easter Proclamation this Sunday, April 20 and endorse public actions at the Vatican and Catholic churches across the world. Rev. Kevin Annett will lead a public ceremony of “exorcism and replacement” at a prominent Catholic cathedral on that day.

The Details:

Following eight days of Court procedure and the commencement of the Citizen Prosecutor’s case against the three chief defendants, the first Common Law adjudication of evidence concerning global child trafficking has adjourned for two weeks, until 10 am GMT on Monday, May 5, 2014.

Commencing on Tuesday, April 8 after an opening Court session the day before, the case by the Citizen Prosecutor’s Office presented evidence directly linking all three chief defendants with the planning and execution of child trafficking networks within the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and with the practice and concealment of the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

Along with considerable documentation, the Prosecutor introduced notarized affidavit statements from eight eyewitnesses to these crimes, including videotaped interviews with two adolescent women who claim to have been tortured and raped by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio, alias “Pope Francis”, during the spring of 2009 and 2010, at horrific cult functions connected to the “Ninth Circle” child sacrifice network.

“Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces on stone altars, and their remains were then consumed by the participants” described the Chief Prosecutor to the Court.

“The survivors during the 1960′s period were forced to rape and mutilate other children, and then cut their throats with ceremonial daggers. Former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, and Prince Bernhard were among the cult participants, according to these survivors. But significantly, the more recent incidents in 2009 and 2010 involved exactly the same kinds of ritualized murder of newborn infants in rural Holland and Belgium.”

Other witnesses described their personal knowledge of efforts by the defendants to conceal the involvement of not only the Catholic and Anglican church, but the British, Belgian and Dutch royal families, in the ritual killing of Mohawk Indian children at the Brantford residential school in Ontario, Canada.

These killings span over seventy years and include the period between 1942 and 1945 when exiled Dutch Queen Wilhemina and her family lived in Canada, and participated in Ninth Circle rituals at the Mohawk Indian school.

Introduced documentation* indicates that, to assist and conceal such involvement of Dutch “royals” in these cult killings, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted “extra-territorial exemption” to the Dutch royals from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction while in Canada. (* The Canada Gazette , Issue No. 232, December 26, 1942, Ottawa)

Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns included Bilderberger founder Crown Prince Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

As part of the Prosecutor’s corroborating evidence, secret archives from the Jesuit Order were introduced into the Court record that describe in detail the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” compelling the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle sacrifice of new born children.

The records suggest that the Ninth Circle was established by the Jesuits just prior to their staged “disbandment” in 1773 and their establishment three years later of the so-called Illuminati cult, although references are also made to organized child sacrifice rituals at Catholic cathedrals in Rome as early as the year 1528.

The Chief Prosecutor told the Court,

“These archives clearly indicate a premeditated plan for centuries by the Jesuits to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood, born of a twisted notion of deriving spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent and thereby assuring the political stability of the Papacy in Rome. Every Pope was expected to and did in fact participate in these monstrous rituals … These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature, and indict the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits as a whole, and every Pope since at least in the year 1773.”

The same collection of Jesuit archival records make reference to a child sacrificial cult known as The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazi Waffen S.S. Division in 1933 with Jesuit backing. The archives identify former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, as a member of the Knights and as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, where he participated in sacrificial rites using children transported to the camp or kidnapped from political prisoners.

The latter practice was a common Jesuit undertaking in Spain, Argentina and other fascist regimes, and one implicating chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio while he was a priest, Bishop and front man for the military junta in Argentina during the 1970′s.

ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett is scheduled to appear as a witness during the second session of the Court commencing Monday, May 5. Annett will provide thorough corroborating evidence and personal testimony to support the Prosecutor’s case and the evidence concerning the Brantford killings, gained over twenty years’ work with residential school survivors in Canada, including during his targeted persecution by church and state. (www,hiddennolonger.com)

Meanwhile, in startling related news, a senior Vatican official initiated a back channel communication with the Court last week in order to offer key evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office concerning its case against the chief defendants.

The Vatican official has requested strict anonymity and security, prompting the Court Magistrates to consider extending the closed sessions of the Court during its next round in May.

Finally, this Easter Sunday, April 20, the Court and its affiliates in twenty one countries will issue a Public Proclamation to be read at Catholic churches in Rome and dozens of other cities.

Rev. Kevin Annett will lead a public ceremony of “Exorcism and Replacement” at a central Catholic facility on that day, and similar ceremonies will be held at the Vatican and at many other catholic churches. Details of the event will be posted this Sunday evening GMT at http://www.itccs.org .

Stay updated regarding further Court and related news at http://www.itccs.org and http://www.iclcj.com .

Issued by The Public Information Agency of The Office of the Citizen Prosecutor.

The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels.

17 April, 2014