Naval Submarine Service

My son joined the Navy last January, went to boot camp in April, and finally onto submarine A school.  The military is not for everyone, but it is an excellent means to mature and learn discipline for most young men and women.  I am very proud of my son’s decision, and have watched him mature over this past year.  A week before he was to finish A school he was told that he needed to get a waiver and thus he has waited in Connecticut for a couple of months, but today I found out from him that he has been told all should be well.  He is now waiting his orders.

He will be a torpedo specialist and hopefully stationed where he wants to go. I don’t know if he will get his first choice as he did just before graduating A school, we shall see.  I can tell you that our military has a lot of patriotic, constitutionalist, loyal, God loving men and women.  Knowing he is serving us gives me peace and hope for the future.


Newspaper Building List of Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Israeli teacher protecting her students


So, while the government cannot legally create a list of gun owners specifically, a newspaper led by freedom hating liberals is doing it for them.  The media has been the ally of Marxist tactics supported by the Democrat Party and Rino Republicans.  Those who do not understand history find nothing wrong with gun registration, but those of us who do know it see the steps falling into place that would allow for eventual confiscation.  Only law abiding citizens get CCW permits, and thus ultimately only the lawless will have guns.

It is against the law to gun down people you don’t like, but we have murder.  It is against the law to sell cocaine outside of the medical field and yet we have drug dealers and providers to our children and families.  It is against the law to go into a movie theater and shoot people, and they even put up signs saying “NO GUNS” and yet criminals don’t seem to care!  Does this surprise you?  The most dangerous cities to live in have the most restrictive gun laws, and yet the liberals seem to think we need this across America!  I would love for every American to carry a gun.  I would love for every teacher to be armed as they are in Israel.  We don’t see them running around gunning each other down, but we do see lawless thugs doing it in America.

Israeli’s regular display of firearms. No one is panicking, no cops are hassling them, but thugs know someone can kill them if they decide to start shooting people because citizens are aggressively defending themselves!


More Images:




Newspaper conglomerate considers building massive database of gun owners


A U.S. newspaper conglomerate has considered building state-by-state databases of people who have the right to carry concealed firearms.

Civitas Media, which owns 88 newspapers in 12 states and more than 100 total publications, is planning to use public records requests to build their databases, according to an internal Civitas email obtained by the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio.

Civitas director of content Jim Lawitz emailed content directors, managers, and producers in a January 19 email, saying that exploring the “explosion” of conceal and carry permits in the U.S. will be one of the company’s short-term objectives.

“We are launching two enterprise projects across our newsrooms this month. The first will deal with the creeping influence of heroin in our communities. The deadly drug has quietly taken over, reaching across all age groups and eclipsing meth as the recreational drug of choice,” Lawitz began.

“The second project examines the explosion of ‘conceal and carry’ gun permits across the U.S. Through public records act requests, we will attempt to build state-by-state databases that list those who have the right to carry a concealed weapon,” Lawitz wrote in the email.

When reached for comment by Buckeye Firearms Association, Lawitz said the news conglomerate currently has no plans to publish the database.

“We do not typically publicly comment on internal propriety communication. However, we have no plans to publish any names on any lists. Further, we are open to discuss any published reports,” Lawitz said.  SOURCE


Political Arrests : Obama’s America creator Arrested

It appears that another anti-Obama or anti-Liberal is under the gun now as special attention has been given to Dinesh D’souza who has been highly critical of liberals in the past.  Just as the IRS was used to target Tea Party groups, it appears the Federal Government believes Mr. D’souza broke campaign finance laws when he supported an opponent of Hillary Clintons.

2016: Obama's America Poster - H 2012

Dinesh D’Souza is accused of giving too much money to a candidate who sought to replace former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton. Producer Gerald Molen tells The Hollywood Reporter the charges are politically motivated.

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose documentary 2016: Obama’s America took a critical look at President Barack Obama and was a surprise hit in 2012, will be arrested in New York on Friday for allegedly violating campaign-finance laws, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Federal authorities accuse D’Souza of donating more than is legal to the campaign of Wendy Long, who ran in 2012 for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton but lost to now-Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Long, though, is not mentioned in an indictment obtained by THR on Thursday.

Insiders say D’Souza has been friends with Long since they attended Dartmouth College together in the early 1980s. According to the indictment, D’Souza donated $20,000 to Long’s campaign by aggregating the money from various people and falsely reporting the source of the funds. But Gerald Molen, a co-producer of 2016, says the charge is politically motivated.

“In America, we have a long tradition of not doing what is commonly done in too many other countries — criminalizing dissent through the selective enforcement of the law,” Molen tells THR.

D’Souza first learned he was being investigated in the middle of 2013, several months after 2016 had earned $33 million at the box office and become the second-most-popular political documentary in U.S. history. The film included an interview with Obama’s half-brother, George Obama, who was mildly critical of the president.

Molen says D’Souza is being singled out for “an alleged minor violation” in the same way the IRS reportedly targeted conservative Tea Party groups for retribution. “In light of the recent events and the way the IRS has been used to stifle dissent, this arrest should send shivers down the spines of all freedom-loving Americans,” Molen says.  More

Obama’s crowd selectively enforces laws and the goal of course is to shut down the opposition.  Whether it be illegal immigration, tax law, gun running, supporting our Ambassador overseas it appears he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.  The obvious hypocrisy is astounding, and it will lead to chaos very soon.

Of course, the elite love this right left fighting and want us to rise up.  This is why they are doing this to D’Souza, it’s great advertising.  The thing is, much of this movie is complete truth.  It would be like Muhammad Ali walking up to some 16 yr old kid, and picking on him hoping he throws a fist so he can beat the crap out of him.  The ptb are just bullies on steroids as they have every side covered except who actually wins.  That would be God and the righteous.

Google “Auto-Complete” Pushing Propaganda

If you had access to every search done, every article reviewed by zip code, you could have your finger on the pulse of what American’s are thinking.  Now, if you had the ability to select what articles are placed on the front page, especially those towards the top of the search, then you could also push people into various modes of thinking.  The Blaze has a new story out about Google “auto-complete” feature, but they are taking them at face value, I am not.

I am going to put forth the idea that those who want to sway public opinion play both sides of every issue for the controlled opposition advantage.  Thus, based on your leanings, you will receive different search returns on Google or Yahoo.  Of course, they would say that they are just trying to give you what you want assuming you only like to read and see things you already agree with, and for some that is true, but for many it is not.

In the story on The Blaze, they are trying to show what the people in each state want, but is that really true or is it more social programming.  I noticed something about this image:

This Is What the People in Your State Want (According to Google Autocomplete)

Apparently, 14 states want to secede from the union!  Another two want to split, but is that split into two states or split from the union?  Interestingly, South Dakota, Iowa, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut don’t use the internet and want nothing.  Is this really what the top searches about that state reveal or is it what they want us to think about each other?

I just wonder what new movies will come out pushing this revolution theme.  More and more I see news depicting left vs. right fighting.  The push back from the right tired of the politically correct dogma may play into this idea of secession.  I wonder what search results would come up on an open computer with no history.  What are you being steered towards?  I make it a point to click into the third and fourth pages of searches and often find very interesting results.  My point in this? Do you really believe the labels associated with each of those states?

It seems rather contrived and meant to send a message.  Who benefits from it?

Rothschild / Jesuit Economic Control and Endgame

Here is another set of information to consider in these players behind the scenes.  I am working on another video compiling information for these world players as they tie into prophecy, and how the world board chess pieces are moving into place for the final push.

This is one to watch, put into your catalog of knowledge to understand the coming dollar collapse and upheaval.



Wake people up by sharing information.  Make blogs, youtube videos, post them on social media, and

arm yourself with true knowledge of history!

This book was talked about and is available on Amazon:

In 1947 Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin published their book Cycles: The Science of Prediction which argued the United States economy was driven by four cycles of different length. Dewey devoted his life to the study of cycles, claiming that “everything that has been studied has been found to have cycles present.” He carried out extensive studies of cyclicity in economic, geological, biological, sociology, physical sciences and other disciplines. As a result of his research, Dewey asserted that seemingly unrelated time series often had similar cycles periods present and that when they did the phase of these cycles was mostly very similar (cycle synchrony). He also said that there were many cycles with periods that were related by powers or products of 2 and 3. Dewey understood his cycle theory to be capable of understanding what the market is going to do and of predicting what may come.

Or Read it here or on Scribd

Another interesting looking book looking at how high finance is being used to control the world:

In this latest installment of his remarkable series of books of alternative science and history, Joseph P. Farrell outlines the consistent pattern and strategy of bankers in ancient and modern times, and their desire to suppress the public development of alternative physics and energy technologies, usurp the money creating and issuing power of the state, and substitute a facsimile of money-as-debt. Here, Farrell peels back the layers of deception to reveal the possible deep physics that the “banksters” have used to aid them in their financial policies.

One person reviewed this book thusly:

While I like all of Farrell’s work, where I feel he really shines is in ferreting out hidden connections and subtle clues in history. His grasp of science, physics in particular, far exceeds most historians, academics, and others who research history’s hidden side.

This is one of his best books yet. He deftly connects the dots of banking, physics, music, sociology, economics, politics, and astrology in a remarkable piece of detective work. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

I have come to the conclusion, through my own decades of research, that there exists some sort of hidden group of highly influential, highly secretive people who have been manipulating human culture for at least thousands of years. The evidence is amazingly clear for those who look for the signs. I came to this research from a totally different angle than Farrell (and others), but it is interesting how one ends up in the same place looking at the same people.

Farrell traces the use of money, banking, credit, and debt from historical sources back thousands of years to Egypt and Babylon (and beyond, actually). The existence of a powerful, secretive, multinational cartel of “bullion brokers” who control the mining, smelting and minting of gold and silver is quite clearly demonstrated, and their influence on politics, war, finance, religion, and science, even to this day, is made obvious.

While this book is intended to be more an overview of the subject than Farrell’s usual tour de force, he still includes plenty of references and citations to allow the reader further research. As it is, the book is a page-turner that heaps one fascinating fact after another onto the gameboard, and leaves one anxious to get to the next page and see where this all may lead. He ties it all neatly into some very powerful insights about our recent past and current predicaments.

I was particularly interested in the sections where he ties in the studies of economic cycles and radio interference problems neatly into astrology. I have studied astrology and worked with a professional astrologer, and know that many more people in business and politics use it than will publicly admit. I dropped the study some time ago because I felt that astrology, like many such mystery school remnants, were mere fragments of a lost science, patched together like some Cargo Cult replica, and did not function reliably. Farrell provides some nice work on tying some of those loose ends together with modern physics and his other discoveries, which he refers to as “paleophysics” – lost science of an Ancient High Civilization.

One other interesting thing is that I got this when I was about halfway through Marjorie Kelly’s “Divine Right of Capital,” another eye-opening book which reveals the completely fraudulent nature of the stock market and other corporate schemes. The two books together made quite a one-two punch of paradigm busting.

If you like Farrell’s other work, then you will love this. If you are not familiar with his other work, then some of the material will leave you with questions that will have to be answered by reading his previous books. (Which I heartily recommend anyway.)

Get this and read it now. You will learn a great deal about what is happening in the world now and why.

It is time to understand these controllers.  Everything that is happening has been planned for thousands of years.  These people have been in power within their bloodlines for eons, and they are ready for their final push to total world control bringing in the rule of antichrist.  If you are not a believer in Jesus, if you hate religion, if you discount it, you cannot discount the evidence that these powerful families have orchestrated events, gained monetary control, political control, information control, and are very good at keeping us distracted as they move us like a herd into the direction they desire.  You can even see it in music videos that are full of their message and symbolism.  I did a blog piece about this which you can read here.

Mapping Distortions


Amazing how the map we think we know of the world is not realistic according to this information about mapping distortions.

Originally posted on Vanessa Fire:

Greg Osuri created this visual representation of the relative size of Africa (seen first on Boing Boing).

The purpose is to show the vastness of this incredible continent.  I’d seen a similar map previously on Dark Roasted Blend and went looking for it there (it has since vanished?) and then elsewhere in the google-verse, simultaneously getting drawn into reading the rather enlightening (about the unlightened) responses in the comments on Big Think (which devolve into repetition and slander, as they do).  From “Where is Alaska and Hawaii?  You left them out!  America is bigger than that!!” to “No, I think their landmasses were taken into account, anyway if not, you could probably puzzle them into the gaps and besides you’re missing the point.” to “What a waste of land.” (WTF?!) to “I always thought America was bigger than Africa!  Thanks for teaching me otherwise.”  (I’ll spare you the rest…

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The First Slippery Steps : GATT and NAFTA

Do you wonder when America really started into decline?  It was back in 1994.  We were warned, many like myself tried to stop it.  Many were sidelined by the likes of Limbaugh as being fear mongers, kooks, tin hat isolationists.  The mockery was effective because people don’t like to be identified as such and called names.  This could have been stopped then and it can be stopped now.

America is suffering as predicted with loss of manufacturing jobs and opportunities.  Business has been put under onerous regulations that other nations do not have to comply with which increases costs and thus makes competition difficult thus encouraging companies to leave the country, set up shop in third world nations that do not have these regulations and offer slave labor to produce the products American’s purchase.

I applaud you who will spend an hour or two educating yourself to provide armor against the lies of those who claim to be for liberty, freedom and prosperity and yet they themselves paved the way for GATT and NAFTA.  Learn the facts, and remember, politicians making back room deals, becoming millionaires with special rights sold us out.  My recent posts should help you see through them.  The left is in control.  The Marxist long plan is coming to fruition, and when we are broken and on our knees wondering what happened, you will know and understand and thus be able to beg your children for forgiveness as we slept and allowed tyranny to take over America and thus the world!  The long night is approaching, the hour of temptation is at hand, and 99% will beg for salvation and the solution will appear which you will grab onto as you learn too late that too is a lie.

NAFTA was not just harmful to America.  This video explains how it affected our neighbor south of the border.  This in turn benefited some very large American corporations and also drove a certain population in Southern Mexico to run into the North, and we see the outcome.  I will add another video about the loss of American jobs.  This fits the goal to cause massive illegal immigration and the need to offer a solution which will naturally boost the voting roster of the Democrat party.

You see, our marxist controllers think 10 chess moves ahead, and while we are busy reacting as they expect us to, they are making laws, treaties, and creating havoc in various nations which keeps us off balance, over-whelmed, and arguing about what to do.  In all this distraction, things get worse and push us into their end game.

I have decided to add this video first because the second brings in more subtle issues and I want to get to the meat of the matter, but the second video is equally important:

Growing trade deficits and job losses

NAFTA’s impact in the United States, however, has been often obscured by the “boom-and-bust” cycle that drove domestic consumption, investment, and speculation in the mid- and late 1990s. Between 1994 (when NAFTA was implemented) and 2000, total employment rose rapidly in the United States, causing overall unemployment to fall to record low levels. But unemployment began to rise early in 2001, and 2.4 million jobs were lost in the domestic economy between March 2001 and October 2003 (BLS 2003). These job losses have been primarily concentrated in the manufacturing sector, which has experienced a total decline of 2.4 million jobs since March 2001. As job growth has dried up in the economy, the underlying problems caused by U.S. trade deficits have become much more apparent, especially in manufacturing.

The United States has experienced steadily growing global trade deficits for nearly three decades, and these deficits accelerated rapidly after NAFTA took effect on January 1, 1994. For the purposes of this report it is necessary to distinguish between exports produced domestically and foreign exports, which are goods produced in other countries but exported to the United States, and then re-exported from the United States. Foreign exports made up 11.6% of total U.S. exports to Mexico and Canada in 2002. However, because only domestically produced exports generate jobs in the United States, our trade calculations are based only on domestic exports. Our measure of the net impact of trade, which is used here to calculate the employment content of trade, is the difference between domestic exports and total imports.3 We refer to this as “net exports,” to distinguish it from the more commonly reported gross trade balance. However, both concepts are measures of net trade flows.

Although U.S. domestic exports to its NAFTA partners have increased dramatically—with real growth of 95.2% to Mexico and 41% to Canada—growth in imports of 195.3% from Mexico and 61.1% from Canada overwhelmingly surpass export growth, as shown in Table 1. The resulting $30 billion U.S. net export deficit with these countries in 1993 increased by 281% to $85 billion in 2002 (all figures in inflation-adjusted 2002 dollars). As a result, NAFTA has led to job losses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as shown in Figure 1. Through September 2003, the U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico and Canada has increased 12% over the same period last year (U.S. Census Bureau 2003a). Job losses for the remainder of 2003 are likely to grow at a similar rate.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Long-term stagnation and growing inequality

NAFTA has also contributed to growing income inequality and to the declining relative wages of U.S. workers without college degree, who made up 72.1% of the workforce in 2001 (Mishel et al. 2003, 163). NAFTA, however, is but one contributor to a larger process of globalization and growing structural trade deficits that has shaped the U.S. economy and society over the last few decades.6 Rapid growth in U.S. trade and foreign investment as a share of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) has played a large role in the growth of inequality in income distribution in the last 20 years. NAFTA has continued and accelerated international economic integration, and thus contributed to the growing tradeoffs that have accompanied this integration process.

The growth in U.S. trade and trade deficits has put downward pressure on the wages of workers without a college degree, especially those who have no formal education beyond a high school degree. This group includes most middle- and low-wage workers, including the 68.5% of the total workforce with the lowest pay, those earning a wage that is e
qual to 200% or less of poverty level wages in 2001 (Mishel et al. 2003, p. 134). In March 2000, the base year used for data, these workers earned wages of $16.93 or less per hour (See Appendix 1). These U.S. workers bear the brunt of the costs and pressures of globalization (Mishel et al. 2003, 181-89).

Globalization has put downward pressure on the wages of less-educated workers for three primary reasons. First, the steady growth in U.S. trade deficits over the past two decades has eliminated millions of manufacturing jobs and job opportunities in this country. Most displaced workers find jobs in other sectors where wages are much lower, which in turn leads to lower average wages for all U.S. workers. Recent surveys have shown that, even when displaced workers are able to find new jobs in the United States, they face a reduction in wages, with earnings declining by an average of over 13% (Mishel et al. 2001, 24). These displaced workers’ new jobs are likely to be in the service industry, the source of 98% of net new jobs created in the United States between 1989 and 2000, and a sector in which average compensation is only 81% of the manufacturing sector’s average (Mishel et al. 2003, 177). This competition also extends to export sectors, where pressures to cut product prices are often intense.

Second, the effects of growing U.S. trade and trade deficits on wages goes beyond just those workers exposed directly to foreign competition. As the trade deficit limits jobs in the manufacturing sector, the new supply of workers to the service sector (from displaced workers plus young workers not able to find manufacturing jobs) depresses the wages of those already holding service jobs. The growth in import competition and capital mobility under NAFTA has also contributed to stagnant and falling wages in the United States (Bronfenbrenner 1997a).


Watch Al Gore pushing for NAFTA…. short part.. full video for those interested following:

Did they buy a million cars a year from the United States?  Is trade better for America or worse?  Combine NAFTA with GATT and it’s worldwide and now you know why we have a trillion dollar trade deficit!

Sell Outs: Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck

Since I have been busy exposing Ron Paul, David Icke, Alex Jones, I felt it was only fair to mention the really big boys of so called conservative media who guide the population into doing what the elites really want.  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck (I’m sure I could add in others like Savage who just tried to say having a gun was bad and none should be allowed in a theatre as if that would keep us safe from a criminal) have all pushed conservative ideals.  I rather enjoy listening to them; however, I don’t listen without my filters on because they have sold us out in the past.

They are part of the controlled opposition who get conservatives to buy into the agenda that takes more rights and jobs away from Americans.  I remember well how Limbaugh talked on and on about how great and fair GATT and NAFTA would be for American’s and yet as Ross Perot warned, they have done nothing but suck jobs out of America and made global corporations rich while destroying the economic wealth of America.

This has all been planned folks.  The elite have never intended to bring third world nations up to our standards of living and in fact we are being conditioned to hate our luxury of having 1800 sq. foot homes, cars, air-conditioning, refrigerators, and meat because all this is really harming our world and those less fortunate.  The middle class is being wiped out, and when they are done, there will be two classes of the very wealthy and the very poor who should be happy with what they are allowed to have by their magnanimous benevolent overlords.    This takes a long time to accomplish, but we are at a cusp of massive upheaval which will bring about their desired long awaited goals.  In fact, they are so good at this programming and propaganda that they will make the majority beg them for it!

Beware Ron Paul Propaganda

I received an email the other day from Ron Paul’s new push for auditing the Federal Reserve, and I sent a reply video asking for Dr. Paul’s answer to the fact that the Fed has been audited over 98 times by independent accountants and those audits are sent to congress every year.  I have not recieved a reply or link from them as to his position.  I have felt for a long time that he is controlled opposition to keep us from actually changing what is happening by our elected leaders.

I made this video in response to these facts about Dr. Paul and others like him. Please forward and share with others:

History of ‘In God We Trust’

This will be short and sweet.  There is a lie being told today that “In God We Trust” first appeared on our money in 1957.  While that is true if you are only talking about paper money, it is not true about coins.  From the site:

Secretary Chase instructed James Pollock, Director of the Mint at Philadelphia, to prepare a motto, in a letter dated November 20, 1861:

Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.You will cause a device to be prepared without unnecessary delay with a motto expressing in the fewest and tersest words possible this national recognition.

It was found that the Act of Congress dated January 18, 1837, prescribed the mottoes and devices that should be placed upon the coins of the United States. This meant that the mint could make no changes without the enactment of additional legislation by the Congress. In December 1863, the Director of the Mint submitted designs for new one-cent coin, two-cent coin, and three-cent coin to Secretary Chase for approval. He proposed that upon the designs either OUR COUNTRY; OUR GOD or GOD, OUR TRUST should appear as a motto on the coins. In a letter to the Mint Director on December 9, 1863, Secretary Chase stated:

I approve your mottoes, only suggesting that on that with the Washington obverse the motto should begin with the word OUR, so as to read OUR GOD AND OUR COUNTRY. And on that with the shield, it should be changed so as to read: IN GOD WE TRUST.

The Congress passed the Act of April 22, 1864. This legislation changed the composition of the one-cent coin and authorized the minting of the two-cent coin. The Mint Director was directed to develop the designs for these coins for final approval of the Secretary. IN GOD WE TRUST first appeared on the 1864 two-cent coin.  SOURCE


Just because I like to monitor silver prices

Silver Price today:

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